LAST DAY ON EARTH - mise à jour 1.7

author JTAG   4 weeks ago

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In this video we will give you the most important information regarding the new version 1.7 Raiders update in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe Us for Tips, Tricks and Live Streams of Last Day On Earth Survival game! Our official Website - Like Us at Facebook - Follow Us at Instagram -

Hello guys this is a sneak peek from team KEFIR! They are working hard for this game to work and you can see it from this video!!! Let's wait for them to update the game... can't really wait for it 🤤🤤🤤🤤 last day on earth, Last day on earth, Last day on earth 1.7 update, last day on earth 1.6.12 update, last day on earth 1.6 update, Last day on earth new update, Last day on earth update, last day

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1.7 update RAIDERS event HOW ANTI-RAIDS LAST DAY ON EARTH LIKE MY PAGE! to contact or ask me directly JOIN US AT GLOBAL COMMUNITY on FACEBOOK! :) and the link down below is to know what am doing this is my private group also to properly communicate with my subscribers :) and preparation for raids clans and secrets always remember happy playing good bye peace! if you have questions please COMMENT down below and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! :) Thanks for Watching! love you guys! ►facebook: ►Instagram: ►become my Patron: ►Paypal help me grow my channel! ► Swimming with Real Sharks Philippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #jrpatilan #ldoeplayer #ldoe #ldoeyoutuber #ldoecommunity #ldoeart #lastdayonearth #lastdayonearthsurvival #bestgameyoutuber #youtuber #jrpatilangaming


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