Lol Dolls. Magic Coloring with Granny B.

author CKToysClub   3 mounths ago

Magic Coloring with LOL Dolls.. So much fun!
Granny B. colors with some magic and reveals cute Lol dolls.
Everybody loves LOL dolls and magic, right?
Well, Granny B. loves to combine these two.
It results in this cute video full with colors and LOL dolls.

2 LOL Glitter Surprise Dolls, and 2 LOL Surprise PETS are unwrapped by Sofia. It is her birthday and she shows you her gifts! Her 2 LOL Glitter surprise dolls ans the 2 LOL surprise Pets are her favorite gifts. Besides these LOL Surprises she received 24 cute Twozies in a box. There are 12 babies and 12 pets. She even had an ultra rare Twozie in tis box. Watch this video and give Sofia a heads up. Oh, she is celebrating her 10 th birthday! Granny B. filmed this video in a local park, the weather was just awesome, even in November.

The LOL dolls decide to go for a walk at their new house and find a magical wishing well.

How many Lol dolls can you count in this picture? Granny B. put a lot of LOL dolls in this picture.. How many can you find?? Granny B. will show you tomorrow how many LOL dolls there realy are. Don't count the same twice . This is hard to d.. I will count them all tomorrow and also show you the ones I used twice... Have fun! Count with Granny B.

Monster Poopers. Granny B. shows you three Monster Poopers in this video. it is almost Halloween and Granny B. found these nasty little Monsters who poop out candy.. Yes, very nasty...

Can you find all the Famous characters in this video? How many are there? Granny B. made these characters with Play-Doh and you know them all. In the end of the video I show you how many characters there really are. Don't count the annoying creatures who want to tease you.. They are just there to make it harder to count... Yes, Granny B. is responsible for this. I made all these characters with Play-Doh, and you can find the "how to" videos on my channel! Thank you for watching my friends! playdo playdough Play-Doh dough plastaline clay count count to 20 count with Granny B.


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