Batman: Arkham Knight | Hidden Batsuit/Gadget Display

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Batman™: Arkham Knight!/en-us/tid=CUSA00133_00

00:01 - Batman: ARKHAM CITY, (00:39 - Return to ARKHAM, 01:18 - ARMORED EditioN) 02:17 - Batman: ARKHAM ORIGINS (02:58 - Cold, Cold Heart DLC) 03:42 - Batman: ARKHAM KNIGHT, 05:36 - ARKHAM VR, 09:00 - INJUSTICE 2


Watch the entire build here ► SUBSCRIBE ► Want to watch the entire CoD Exo Build? Click Here ► Check out my Patreon Campaign here: For more projects, check out my website at: Or like us on Facebook! Your support helps! Laser cutting was done here: Kevlar rope can be purchased here: Make it real is a series where we take fictional items from comic books, movies, and video games and then make real working prototypes. In this episode, we test our real working batman grappling hook and rappel device. Watch the Hacksmith rappel from the ceiling using the one handed rappel device and 2mm kevlar rope. Then it is time to test the grappling hook. To do that the Hacksmith latches it onto a joist, hangs upside down from it and then tries to pull himself off (150lbs of weight + 200lbs of squat = 350lbs with out budging). Next up we do a impact test by tying it to a bike and racing up the driveway - that might end up in a fail compilation video someday. Then we test the grappling hook by throwing it and climbing various things around the city. WARNING: THESE VIDEOS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. PERSONAL USE OF VIDEO CONTENT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

A Real Life Batman SUBSCRIBE: BATMAN fanatic Chris Weir is so besotted with the Dark Knight he invested $120,000 (£78,000) in the character - including a BATCAVE in his BASEMENT. Comic books, action figures and posters are essential in any superhero fans' collections, but for dad Chris it wasn't enough. The married 38-year-old owns all of the above - but with an added secret lair of his own. Amazingly, the man-made styrofoam cave can only be accessed in the same way Bruce Wayne opens the Batcave in the classic 60s Batman series starring Adam West. Inside the cave is a life-size Batman suit used by the Caped Crusader in the latest Chrisopher Nolan films. A home cinema inside the cave features a huge 100-inch TV screen where Chris watches Batman movies, shows and cartoons with wife Joanna, 36, and sons Zachary, 9 and Daniel, 13. For more amazing footage of the amazing side of life, visit the Barcroft Media website: Like Barcroft Media on Facebook: Follow Barcroft Media on Twitter:

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