DUCK ON A TRACTOR. Written and illlustrated by David Shannon. Read aloud by Granny B.

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DUCK ON A TRACTOR. By David Shannon.
The illustrations are so funny and colorful.
David Shannon wrote and illustrated this wonderful book.
He wrote Duck on a Bicycle before and it was a great success.
A cute Duck rode the bicycle before and finds a tractor.
He thinks he is able to ride this tractor too and gathers all his friends from the farm to go for a super ride.
All the farm animals jump on the tractor and they ride to the center of the town.
Nobody can believe their eyes.
That cannot be true, all those farm animals on a tractor with a duck behind the wheel?
When the tractor runs our of gas all the animals run off.
All the people in a restaurant close by, come out and rub their eyes.
It just cannot be true.. Listen to Granny B. and hear what happens.
Granny B. added tractor and animal sound to make this book even cooler than it already is.
This is definitely my most favorite picture book.
Of course I made a Duck with Play-Doh just for fun!

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