Batman: Arkham Knight - Azrael's Atonement: Robin - 2.64 million

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Do you think Robin's head gets extremely cold and/or slippy from all the rain?

Azrael boss fight for Batman Arkham Knight on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Played on hard mode in 4k. You can get the game from Amazon here: ✪ Subscribe!

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From my experience playing as Batgirl, I break down the pros and cons of her combat skills. Pros/ Strengths -Fast ground pound -Has throw counter -Fighting style is similar to Batman Cons/ weaknesses -Low health -Lacks critical strikes -Lacks special combo boost -Lacks blade dodge take down -Cannot pick up objects to use against enemies (cannot pick up baseball bats and projectile boxes) -Lacks special combo disarm and destroy (Batgirl has a difficult time dealing with different enemy archetypes such as shield and stun rod wielders since she cannot permanently destroy weapons like Batman or Azrael can) According to Rocksteady, "The new characters have all of their abilities from the main game or their respective Arkham Episodes. Some players will probably find that completing the more advanced challenges as other characters is a little more difficult than playing as Batman. That’s intentional: Batman is a legendary hand-to-hand fighter, and a great deal more powerful than his allies, but you’ll find that the other characters’ abilities and animations reflect their respective skills as well." Sources: All rights belong to Rocksteady Studios, Warner Brothers, and the creators of Batman. This video is used for entertainment purposes.


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