Custom Hearthstone Concepts - Upgradeable Minions

author Cravol   5 mounths ago

The song is Isobel Samba by Kevin Macleod.
To my knowledge, all art used is owned by Blizzard. If I used your art with out crediting you feel free and reach out.

Hope you enjoyed. :3

Music is Kevin Macleod - Samba Isobel, and Amazing Plan by the same, and 8bit Jazz's cover of September for the outro. Link to Alternate version of video: Links to each Clip used (let me know if I should update to a more fitting link): READY FOR ACTION: Oh, that's lethal: Have you seen my 5/5?: Dorty Rat and MC Tech: Duel Flappy Birds: 14/14 Edwin: Discardlock: Thrall Hero Card: Hope you guys enjoyed this... thing? :3

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