Jacksmith - Part 23 - Final))

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Gold closers already?! There are plenty of non-gold customers yet!

Hobo geht in den Weltraum! =D Jetzt dreht alles durch! :D Nachdem Hobo die Welt erobert hat will er jetzt auch den Weltraum übernehmen!!! JAAA! ;D Bitte Abonieren und Kommentieren! =)


Crafting shields are easy, but creating a perfect mace is very hard. Placing all spikes in the exact right place? Oh, my. I have several epic weapon blueprints, but I can use only few of them. I can't craft some because of their effects, or lack of weapon parts. Well, I prefer epic weapons with 'general' effects. They're very useful. Wow, gold and crystal weapons? Are they made of 'gold/crystal lookalike alloys', or real gold/crystal? If they're made of gold/crystal, the weapon should be destroyed after one hit :) Power and durability of all weapons is the same. Their differences are epic weapon blueprints, available parts and bonuses. Invest expensive ores in cheap weapons as bows or pikes. Use cheap ores to forge expensive weapons as shields or maces.

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