Jacksmith - Part 23 - Final))

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Papa Louie 2 The burger flipping duo are back for more in the great Papa Louie 2! Marty and Rita's routine work day at the Burgeria turns into a nightmare when a strange portal appears in Papa's Burgeria. Help them rescue the customers from certain doom and defeat any burger that stands in your way! Link For Papa Louie Two: http://www.kanogames.com/play/game/papa-louie-2

Choose the right weapon design to deal more damage. More bonuses not always mean more damage. (For example, basic dragon axe deals more damage to shadow enemies than silver-bonus double axe. The former has +13 shadow bonus, and the latter has +11 shadow bonus.) All epic weapons are better than normal weapons due to assembling parts. Well, some epic weapons are worse than even normal steel weapons. (Those epic weapons are composed of copper, bronze, or iron.) However, unique epic weapon bonus compensates it. (For example, if an epic weapon has +5 fire bonus... It actually offers +30 fire bonus because the bonus is applied to all weapons.) Even though an epic weapon breaks during the battle, the bonus will remain. Boost bomb lasts only 1 round. Use it just before charging the enemy.

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шо за коробка

Dr. Zomboss vs. cardboard cut-outs of plants. Who will win? More cool videos: Plants vs. Zombies Hack: My Tree Of Wisdom is Broken - http://youtu.be/mb2v6SqzMZk Plants vs. Zombies Mod: Plants vs. WEEGEES!!! - http://youtu.be/xpa6voyzNRE Plants vs. Zombies Hack: Zombies in the Zen Garden - http://youtu.be/QKnwJJCYwds


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