Master Dou Redesign - Illustration (Time-Lapse)

author Trent Kaniuga   1 years ago

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In this series, Trent Kaniuga showcases techniques and philosophy for illustration in adobe photoshop. This particular illustration focuses on redesigning Master Dou from the council of elder in the Crescent Isle monastery.

My brushes : This painting took about 7 hours in real time. There's a few minor portions where I haven't recorded, sorry about that :( Music credits : Bibio - The first daffodils Nosaj Thing - Aquarium CFCF - Blanketed in Snow a Place Returned Helios - Bless this morning year Thanks for watching ! Artstation : Facebook : Instagram :

Nothing lasts forever and in this video I tell the story of how I lost my illustration Rep in 2009. Today I'm happily represented by illozoo but the falling out I had with my former rep might help you avoid the same pit fall I fell victim too. My Current Rep: The Laughing Hispanic Guy: A video I made about reps: My online illustration classes My Website: My Blog My online prints and T-shirts Twitter: Instagram: facebook:

From sketch to final print on display, the summary of how I go about creating an illustration. If you'd like to help me create more stuff like this for YOU, you can become my patron at For professional inquiries visit Client: Elkar Publishing Music by John Berkhout (

Get Sketchbook Pro: Download Tutorials, Templates, Brushes: Facebook: Twitter: Artstation: In this video I will expose techniques for maximizing your use of sketchbook Pro for drawing and designing concept art and illustration of a cyborg heavy warrior. There are also a few moments when I stopped the video to further explain in detail, step by step processes for colorizing your line art, and value sketches. Also I wanted to show you how to make color adjustments and manage your layers. This might be very advanced, but I've tried to include several tips that will help you to leap forward with Sketchbook Pro.

With this illustration, I set out to explore the workflow for creating an illustration with the iPadPro and ProCreate. In this video I discuss the differences between working with ProCreate and working in Photoshop. The illustration was done for the April Third Thursday Challenge at SVSLearn ( Visit my website at to see my other work and/or you can follow me on social media at simona.ceccarelli (instagram) and @smceccarelli (Twitter).


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