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Dog Functional! My puppy jumped on the couch after a film day, we let cameras roll, here's what happened! (Massage is healthy for you & your pet.) Stay tuned for the OUTTAKES at the end of this video... my favorite part. *Before writing "Elvis & Nixon" I wrote the book featured in this video. I'm Hanala, I turn moments into movies. #ElvisAndNixon #LastLaughFilm Follow my Hollywood story: About Hanala Sagal: Keynote speaker, fitness, health expert, author, visionary, phenomenon, Hanala Sagal is a best-selling author, actress, screenwriter, and co-executive producer of "Elvis & Nixon" (April 2016) and Hanala and her book star in "The Last Laugh" (2016) with Mel Brooks. Hanala is a Canadian-born, CLIO Award-winning writer, comedian, actress, artist and role model. Hanala co-stars in #ElvisAndNixon and #TheLastLaugh w/ Mel Brooks, Carl & Rob Reiner, Harry Shearer.... Comedy Wellness began on Public Access TV with Hanala's award-winning "SHAPE UP LA!"​ (Suzan Stadner Prod. 1985-2000). SAG/AFTRA since 1983, Hanala is an icon featured in film, television, music videos, radio, print, Internet, book tours, stand-up. Hanala's story, from traumatized, gifted child to celebrity life coach is hilarious and contains a positive message. Her passion to improve the world began 33 years ago after her last drink of alcohol. The daughter of Holocaust survivors wrote a critically-acclaimed memoir available on Hanala is the lead singer in the Traumedy Central Band #TCB "Lost Cell Phone Blues"​, her original song, is a Reverbnation Top 20 hit. Available for bookings through © 2017 All Rights Reserved

NOTE: I’m told that Voopoo May not’ve “signed” a contract for the 40k boards, but there were many oral, email, and even an email directly to me stating they would deliver 40k boards to us. Also, when VV sent someone to that factory, they made them sit and wait for 3 hours then came out to say they couldn’t meet. But there was eventually a face to face where they agreed to provide the chips. This video is not a review. It's a story I've been wanting to tell y'all for some time now. If you haven't noticed, I've been conspicuously quite about the Pulse 80w mod since after Chinese New Year. Well, there's a very good reason for it, and I'll explain it all in this video. This video is based on my experience as the designer of this mod, and what has happened with using a third party vendor to supply the chip...which I thought was such a great idea! I guess I was wrong. You can blame the delays on me for making such a poor choice in business partners with Voopoo for the Gene Chip. If they had said "we're not going to supply the chip", that would be one thing. But that's not how it happened. Take it how you like, but if you know me, you know that I don't just fly off the handle, make stuff up, or like to deal in Vape Drama. I simply wanted to tell the whole thing so you understand what happened. Trusted sponsor links for sites I personally trust: - Vape Happy is a great site everything vape, and they’re out of Las Vegas: - MyVPro is a another great site, in the US, for vape buys: - Element Vape is a site I’ve used for a looooong time. Out of California, check em out: - Direct Vapor has 15 day returns, 60 day warranty, FREE shipping on all orders, price match, and even 24/7 free live phone support: - Coil Master has coils and building stuff for every need: - has a ton of juice...such a huge selection, it's hard to choose...and hardware too: - Mojo Vapor in San Diego: ---------------- Find my the latest episode on the Picky Eater Channel here: And the Sea Glass Hunter Channel is here: ----------------------------------------- Central Advocacy Link: My Facebook: Also: YouTube revenue is almost non-existent because of advertiser changes. If you'd like to donate to the channel, please use: www.PayPal.Me/tonybrittan. Every dollar counts and helps to keep it going. Sponsored links may be affiliate links. I only choose affiliates that I trust. *****These are solely my opinions, based on my use of these products. Please do your research, and use caution when using these devices. Buy or use at your own risk! These items were provided free so I could share them with you here on the channel. Vapor Trail Channel makes no claims regarding these items being "healthy". Links:

Subscribe to my new Book's only channel: I always feel weird uploading book videos here, but I love talking about books, so I've created a second 'Booktuber' channel where it'll be only book talk. I'm specifically working on a series on movies created from books. Tech content will still all be on this channel! Subscribe! ------------------------------ Hi! Thank you for stopping by my channel. I'm Caitlin, a long time computer builder (since 2005) and gamer who just loves talking about technology and sharing my passion for the industry. I upload videos weekly on everything from reviews, to builds, to random tech finds and discussions. Join me for the ride by subscribing to the channel and don't forget to say hi on my social links below! ►Suppor the channel! Thank you top level supporters: J.Dy, B. Allen, Vyper, Justin H., Justin M., David D., Rand C., Solidton ► SOCIAL Website: Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: ► GEAR I USE FOR VIDEOS Canon Camera 1: Canon Camera 2: Rode mic: Music by Epidemic Sound ( This video is not sponsored. All products I purchase myself unless otherwise stated in the video. This post contains affiliate links at no additional cost to you. It helps to keep this channel up and running. I appreciate your support.

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