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Welcome To Weekend 1 Of The Multiplayer Beta For World War 2! I’ve been hyped for this beta ever since they first revealed the damn game and I’m super pumped to be playing it for you guys here tonight. Throughout this stream I explore the new weapons, divisions and different play-styles that are offered on simple modes like TDM & Domination along with a new team co op mode known as War! I’ll be uploading both a news roundup for the core game & review of the beta in a couple of weeks! The last beta I really enjoyed was Black Ops 3 so I’m stoked to say I feel the same about Sledgehammer’s masterpiece that is WW2.. It’s gonna be a great year for us hardcore players.. CoD is Back 😎

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Welcome To Weekend 2 Of The Multiplayer Beta For World War 2! Sledgehammer decided to add in new content for everyone engaged in the game including new weapons, killstreaks and a new map! Thankfully, ranks from Weekend 1 carried over for PS4 players as we indeed had extra time to play the Beta due to the exclusivity deal. As of right now, I’m very impressed with Sledgehammer’s work while there are a few minor areas which could be improved.. I’ll be discussing this in my review! I most definitely dropped some epic matches during my beta streams and I can’t wait to upload more when this game drops! Leave some feedback down below regarding how hyped you are for the game now that you’ve hopefully played the beta! Stay Tuned For More 😎 💣 Your Next Gen Commentator 💣 ~dkdynamite~

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