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Social Links: Facebook : Twitter : Discord : Whats App Group : About the Channel : This channel is established to connect to the Clash of Clans community with whom I can share my passion for the game and enjoy my channel and keep the community updated. My channel focuses on the following areas along with suggestions from the community- Unique Attack Strategies, Advanced Farming Techniques, Innovative ways for Trophy Pushing, Base Build Videos, Friendly War Challenge, Clan Management Techniques, War Management Techniques, Base Beat Videos, Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks, Updates, News & Discussions, Hitch Hiking Videos, Live Attack Videos and many more… The channel explains in-depth How to 3 Star TH11, TH10, TH9, TH8 and TH7 bases in Clan Wars using different strategies like Mass Dragons, DragHo, Dragloon, Cold Blooded GoHo, Shattered GoHo, Stoned GoHo, GoViVaHo, GoWiVa, GoWiVaBo, Drag LaLoon, Duo LaLoon, GoWiPe, GoWiPeBo, HGHB, GoHeBoVa, Cold Blooded GoLaLoon, Shattered GoLaLoon, Stoned GoLaLoon, HeBoLaLoon, HPBG, Loonian, PeBo Walk, PeHoBo, Penta Laloon, Poilta LaLoon, Quadra LaLoon, Tetro LaLoon, Queen Charge LaLoon, Raged Valk, Bowler Walk, Stoned BabyLoon, Baby Dragons, BoWitch, Mass Witch, Clone LaLoon, Witch Slap and many more different type of attacks using the troops like Giants, Witches, Wizards, Healers, Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Bowlers, Baby Dragons, Dragons, Golem, Hogs, Wall Breakers, Pekka, Miners, Lava Hounds, Valkyries. Another aspect of the channel covers how to use farming attacks, build farming bases, how to collect dark elixir, gold, elixir, and different farming strategies like barching, Goblin Knife, Queen Charge, Loonian etc. The channel also covers how to push trophies and make a nice trophy base. JOIN UNION FOR GAMERS ON CURSE NETWORK: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: JOIN .\-DX DISCORD (Recruitment) : WEBSITE : TWITTER :

PK Clash of Clans Clan Tag # 9RYJ88Q2 TH 11 attack strategies, War content, Bowlers, witches, Hogs, Miners, Lavaloon, Healers, Queen Walk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ YouTube Subscribe channel: Music By NCS-Non Copy Right Music: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More exciting war raids and content: TH11 3 star attacks using hog lavaloon : Hog rider 3 star TH11 Gameplay: Top GOWIPE TH11 Attacks : Unstoppable lavaloon hog attacks: PK ends 64 win steak of Baghdad clan: PK Ends 75 win streak of ONE STOP clan: Best TH 11 war attack strategy: TH 11 war attack strategy: Top 5 TH11 attack strategies: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for visiting my YouTube Channel, please subscribe for more exciting content and future updates.

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Clash of clans lovers, this is some perfect 3 star TH10 on WAR base using combination BOWLER+PEEKA and golem+valk+peeka special for TH10 attack strategy Clan War 2018. Dont forget to subscribe because for next I will try to show more 3 star attack strategy... my youtube channel: my facebook id: my instagram : more attack strategy link:- (TH 9 GOLEM+WITCH ATTACK STRATEGY) (TH 11 BOWLER+GAINT+HEALER ATTACK STRATEGY) (mass hog+gaint attack strategy) (builder base7 witch+gaint and beta minions attack strategy) (golaloon+bowler attack strategy) (TH11 bowler + valkiyre attack strategy) (TH10 bowler +witch attack strategy) (TH 10 GOBOWI ATTACK STRATEGY) (th11 gowiva strategy) (TH 10 valk attack) (TH 9 mass witch attack) (mass of bowler attack strategy) If you want base design, check this link: (th9 war base) (th10 war base) (th 8 war base) plz like & subscribe for more clash of clans strategy video & more about coc.... -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "TOP 3 TH9 HOG ATTACK STRATEGY || MASS HOG 3 Star ATTACK || Rock Videos" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Clash of MU ! eric - Nata - ! Р У С С К И Й ! MU ®️


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