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And now, the Sony PlayStation Portable aka PSP! A great little device that lost a lot of its momentum to the Nintendo DS in the handheld wars. A real shame as the PSP was a genuinely high tech portable device. While itself a great little device, the Nintendo DS tended to go for more 'casua'l experiences, while the PSP went for more of the full-fat "AAA" experiences that could be found on its home console brethen. If you examine some of the more advanced PSP games, they were really were essentially portable versions of the PlayStation experience. Games like the Wipeout series really blurred the line between the home console and portable experience. This video has an interesting selection of games throughout the PSPs lifecycle, from 2005 launch titles ("Archer Macleans Mercury") to games late in the PSP's lifecycle (PES 2013), so it's interesting to be able to see how the games improved as developers started to get used to the tech. Personally, I'd still rather spend time portable gaming on my 2005 PSP than a 2017 tablet/smartphone...

Diferencias mínimas. Las únicas mejoras que podemos apreciar en la versión Pro de Uncharted 4 son una resolución más alta (en esta ocasión 1440p con downsampling) además de la mejoras de distancia de dibujado en algunos escenarios del juego.

At PSX 2017 we got a chance to check out some brand new PS4 gameplay for The Forest, a brutal open world survival game coming to PS4 in 2018. Watch more from PSX: live.playstation.com May contain content inappropriate for children, visit http://www.esrb.org for rating information

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