New game BRAWLHALLA!!! Trial 2

author TheCookieCrook   2 mounths ago

PHYZYX: A Brawlhalla Val montage / Highlights featuring the Brawlhalla Legend Val in this combo video. Music: ( The Enigma TNG ) The Sword / Gauntlets legend was released with the August 24 2016 2.25 patch. As a Sentinel main I was looking to add to a hand of secondaries to cover different styles but being trash at gauntlets lead me to semi brush over the idea of Val despite seeing the potential in the new tech the legend was given. But with the few changes / additions to the game's mechanics and Physics that had come in following patches. An overall reassessment and gauntlet practice has caused Val ( at the time of this video ) to go from a simple idea and theory for a secondary, to replacing Sentinel as my new primary focus to take to the next level until further notice. Watch the Sentinel montage ( Trials of Static ) here: Trial of Legends Online Tournament for Brawlhalla 7/1/2017 Big Blue Esports


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