YUBI'S Figurines Godzilla 10 Set Of Fingerpuppets

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A 3D size comparison of all the Godzilla versions (1954-2017)! Hope you enjoy! :D Godzilla 54-75 models by: https://snake151.deviantart.com/ Still working on Godzilla vs Pacific Rim PART 2! Waiting until after the release of the new one to make sure I don't miss out on any inspiration! Rendered in Eevee by Blender, edited in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition.

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The making of Godzilla vs KG

If you do not know a monster, say the time and I, or a fellow monster fan will answer the question for you. :D Monster's sounds and images belong to Toho Studios, Bad Robot, Daiei Motion Picture Company, Columbia Pictures, Showbox, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, American International Pictures and Saga Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, and TriStar Pictures. 50,000 views June 15 2009


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