Destiny 2 - Worlds Fastest Nightfall in 5:21! (The Arms Dealer Speedrun WR)

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just go watch the 4:40 kms

I hope you enjoyed!
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The EUROS are back with the first Speedrun. For the Leviatan raid Lair eater of worlds. We completed the raid Lair in a amazing time of 19:46 Thank you Michty Edwinn for awesome the PoV. Check out the video on our very own Clan Channel. VIDEO: World's Fastest Eater of Worlds Raid Lair [19:46] - By EUROS FIRETEAM: Mighty Edwin Its Wami lHova SSScrub Cruelty It Ouch MS STRAT We started the raid with the setup: CLASS 3 Gunslingers (Celestial Nighthawk) 3 Nightstalker (Orpheus Rig) Armor/weapons Helmet: Celestial Nighthawk Leg armor: Orpheus Rig Kinetic Weapons: Better Devils, Midnight Coup Energie Weapons: Manannan SR4, Valakadyn Power Weapons: Wardcliff Coil, Curtain Call (For Boss DPS) Plates For Plates it is very important to have good communication and coordination, jump for the next plate in the spawn animation of the plate so next plate spawns as faster as possible, if 2 people stand on a plate for just 1 second the run is over. Loyalist For a good at clear we split up in teams 2 of 3, one team goes to the far left and the other team goes the the far right. Both team spawn kill their ads. For the majors they use The Wardcliff Coil and Nighthawk. The faster they kill each wave of ads the faster the ads spawn and the faster the encounter goes. All hunter except one switches to Gunslinger with Celestial nighthawk, the other hunter stays on Night Stalker with Orpheus Rig. Argos Phase 1 As soon as you arrive at the encounter pick up the vex craniums as fast as possible. Split up in 3 team of 2. Each team will go their Designated element and pick up the 2 vex craniums on their right side, Each team keeps planting those 2 Vex craniums so you always have 2 vex craniums ready to go. This encounter is time locked, the only thing that matters is how fast you destroy the last set of crystals. Argos Phase 2 Again pick up the vex craniums as quick as possible. The one Nightstalker hunter with the Morpheus Rig will make orbs on the location where from we damage Argos later. Plant the Vex craniums that are needed and get to the damage location as quick as possible. Everybody switch to Curtain Call for the damage phase. Before the damage phase starts every hunter that can will pre pop their Golden Guns and shoot him as soon as his shield drops and pick up the orbs in the area. In between. Golden guns they shoot rockets at the boss and use their shade step to reload. As soon as his shield comes back up again get the other set of charged vex craniums to drop his shield one more time to finish the him. I hope you guys enjoyed the run and if you have any questions leave them down in the comments below. Outro song: RetroVision - Campfire (Radio Edit)

Did it in about a couple of hours. Definitely more room for improvement on this, we might go for more runs before reset, maybe push for a 2:23 or lower. Fireteam: Me, Cruelty It, Dark. Modifiers for this Nightfall: Airborne, Small Arms, Arc Burn, Epic, Daybreak.

Last time for this weeks nightfall, pushed this to as fast as we could, with little time lose on it, so little, not worth to push for the extra 2-4 seconds you can shave off, the ending was really epic as well Still trying to determine my PC build, might just go with a separate PC to stream/record off of, if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments below! Team: ModernTryhard Ehroar Tfue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me on Twitter: Follow Me on Twitch: Subscribe to Me: Donate to support the dream:

A guide to beating this weeks nightfall, the arms dealer in lightning quick time. We show how to beat the boss with a cheese that stops him activating a difficult mechanic, shortening this fight down to under 1 minute. To skip to the boss fight, go to 8:30. And as always, for more content don't forget to subscribe for the latest cheeses and guides.


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