author Flamingo   9 mounths ago

This is really an awesome game but please be careful lol go to the safe version.

Today Jake and I play Pears to Pairs! A game where some boi gives you a word and you gotta go up to that boy and say hey man i got a word to pick with you boy

In today's Roblox video we play the Roblox Guess My Drawing game and draw weird stuff and try to mess around with some people with our drawings.

a game called Mashables where you work together to make something awful that attacks you lol

today I talk about how I went from having a lot of robux to having NOTHING!!! AAAAAAA!!! ROBLOX GIVE MY ACCOUNT BACK PLZ IM BORED

THIS IS A JOKE: Play Mustardfoot's game it's actually really fun! NOTHING against him this is just a joke! BUT DONT PLAY THE OTHER GUY'S CUZ IT'S KIND OF A SCAM


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