Call of duty black ose 3

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I will hope you all like my videos

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Another nuclear, this time using the scope defensively combined with Kap 40. Don't hate for the secondary use, wasn't intending on getting nuclear, just did. Dun h8 meh

Black ops Zombies round 100,000 with over 1000000000 points!!! WATCH BO3 ZOMBIES HACKED 6/9/11 - 50,000 views! 7/7/11 100,000 views! 8/7/11 300,000 views! 8/13/11 400,000 views! 8/17/11 500,000 views!! 9/9/11 1,000,000 views!!! 10/22/11 2,000,000 views!!!!! 6/23/12 3,000,000 views :D Anyone who knows coding, and wants to know the code for setting the round level. here it is. onPlayerSpawned(); level.round_number =level.round_number 99999; wait .5; *****F A Q***** Q.dude your a boss, can you add me so we can play? A.No. Q.HOW DO YOU DO HACK?!?!?!?!?! A.Can you be more specific? long did it take to get to round 100000?! A.about 5 minutes. Q.why don't you do round 1,000,000?! A.because no zombies spawn after round 200,000 or so, therefore it would not be interesting to watch a number go up. I'm so tired of reading comments from you idiots. If you comment saying "omg this is hacked." And then you provide proof for why you think it's hacked. You are a fucking idiot. It is literally in the title of the video. so just shut the fuck up. And number 2 stop saying it's photoshopped, because that makes you sound like even more of an idiot because this isn't a photo. It's a video. **COMMENT OF THE YEAR** actually hackers have alot of respect for the game. they take the time to actually analyze the games coding. to FIND ways to either improve THEIR OWN gaming experience. who really gives a shit about leaderboard stuff or ranking or whatever teh fuck system a game uses.what matters is how the PLAYER enjoys the game. i mean what exactly would you say to someone who hacked and made the game more challenging? would they not have to use more skill to complete a task? - clayton1153 Twitter:!/TheCodKingz10

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