[BF4] railroad to 50 hours PART 4

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Welcome to my gameing channel. I will be uploading daily content with friends

This is just a video of some awesome top 10 Battlefield 4 kills! (I take no credit for this is not my video) Thanks guys!


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Now that Battlefield 4 has been out for quite a while, I will reveal a secret to you. This compilation will show you the most amazing sniper spots of the standard maps and how to get there. These spots will help you to get a nice view on your enemy and protect your flags from being captured by the opposite team. Some spots will make you invulnerable due to glitches, others are extremely unusual spots and some spots are great spawnpoints for you and your squad mates. Of course, these spots are more efficient when the killcam is disabled. In additon, silenced weapons can make it even harder for your enemy to identify your position. When you are using these secret sniper spots please try to help your team by spotting enemies and marking enemy vehicles. Don't lean back, enjoy the magnificient view and wait for a 500+ marksman headshot. ------------------------------------- Spots: 00:19 - 01:36 Lancang Dam, Beacon trick 01:37- 02:26 Lancang Dam, Wallglitch 02:27 - 03:02 Operation Locker, Glitch along the mountainside 03:03 - 03:22 Operation Locker, Generator jump 03:23 - 03:53 Operation Locker, Balustrade 03:54 - 04:38 Operation Locker, Crawling trick 04:39 - 07:07 Rogue Transmission, Tower and satelite 07:08 - 07:59 Zavod 311, Factory 08:00 - 08:57 Golmund Railway, Power tower 08:58 - 10:24 Paracel Storm, Destroyer Spiderman glitch 10:25 - 11:33 Paracel Storm, Wind engine 11:34 - 12:49 Paracel Storm, Island towards CN base 12:50 - 14:30 Paracel Storm, Carrierbridge and Glitch 14:31 - 15:30 Paracel Storm, Destroyer outlook 15:31 - 16:56 Hainan Resort, Freighter, Containers and bridge 16:57 - 17:35 Floodzone, High rise building and awning 17:36 - 18:36 Operation Dawnbreaker, Invulnerability pillar glitch Intro: Honorable mention to http://www.England-Clan.co.uk Battlefield 4 UK Clan for showcasing the resource. Songs: Disfigure - Blank Mako - Our Story Mutrix feat Charity Vance - Come Alive (The Two friends Remix) Ahrix - Nova Lazlo - Nothing Yet

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