TF2 - Engineer 14 kill, 2 dominate, 5 tp, 4 asists in 1 live

author ScukoDEN   6 years ago

Turn on captions for text commentary! So Renegade really likes payload servers, and he also apparently really likes the Hoodoo map, thus we were playing Hoodoo again. Kangaroo and Renegade were on the other team, so I figured I was going to get steamrolled, but I happened to get two Engie buddies (Dj_Jamiryo_008 and The Based David) and we managed to shut them down on the first cap point and got me an 18 killstreak! The video is for the full round and I plan on adding annotation (or captions) commentary for anyone who wants to understand what I was thinking doing different things, but if you just want to get to the exciting part, jump ahead to around 3 minutes left on the clock ( That's when Blu starts to get desperate and sending in Ubers and armies of Spies.

Overall I went like 220 something or even more to 26 deaths. It was pretty hilarious watching these guys just walk into my Sentry time after time..after time. Eventually they grew smart and started running double med/heavys into it, bit just wasn't enough xD! Enjoy guys! ---All music in this video is owned/produced by Bradsucks, check him out

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