TF2 - Engineer 14 kill, 2 dominate, 5 tp, 4 asists in 1 live

author ScukoDEN   6 years ago

Teleport Camping + Facestab + RAAAGEEE!!! Too many hats and weapons around TP

this mod is actually really freakin cool, I didnt even play with 1/8th of the available weapons Server IP: --------------------- Steamgroup: Twitter: Intro by Ethan Dedrickson: HUD: TF2 Server:

Hearthstone. Lich King beaten by Warlock. Король Лич избит Чернокнижником.

Just another montage, this time longer in 1080p and 60FPS! ===================================================================== Steamgroup Website Steamrep Profile Trade offer:

2007 version (still available on console with Orange Box) compared to the most recent Steam version (build 4016097). This video highlights visual details in texture, lighting, animation and physics. "getpos" and "setpos" commands were used to record everything at the exact same angle and location on both instances. You can easily find the 2007 version on PC with a quick Google search for TF2 Notes: - The missing blue flame at 0:22 is still present in the current version, it didn't appear under that angle for some reason. - Syringe Gun at 1:52 does spin in first person. - The lighting difference at 2:51 is for the character selection menu only Songs: TF2 OST - Right Behind You TF2 OST - Three Days to Live TF2 OST - Stink Lines


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