The Witchwood. Hearthstone Big hunter

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Disguised Toast combines 1 mana chargers and Emeriss, to great results and a ruff time for the opponent! Subscribe to Disguised Toast 2: Edited by:

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Hearthstone: Most Popular Decks June 2018 - The Monthly Meta Had to re upload this version. First upload Druid Class was cut out! ► Next Episode! - ► 100% Winrate Legend Big Control Baku Dragon Warrior! - ► Legendary Card Disenchant Guide - Witchwood Updated! - Click any of the links below to get to know me better! Twitch ► Crypto ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Discord ► Patreon ► ► Donate/Tip! - Every donation is greatly appreciated! Feel free to leave a message for me to read. All donations go towards the channel and motivates me to push out more content! All donation messages will be read and the donator given a shout-out! ► If you're interested in coaching from me email Deck Codes: Paladin Even Paldin AAECAYsWBpkCige5wQLlywK36QLN9AIM+wHcA/IF9AXPBq8H2QexCJYJ2ccCm8sCt+cCAA== Odd Paladin AAECAYsWBJAHjtMC5e8CnvgCDUaDBd4FjwmbwgLrwgLTxQKDxwLjywLEzwK15gKy6QLL7wIA Murloc Paladin AAECAYsWBMUD8gW5wQK36QIN2wOnBa8HpwixCLPBAp3CArHCArjHAuPLAvjSAtHhAt6CAwA= Warrior Quest AAECAYwWBN4F08MCze8CnvgCDUuiBPwE/wf7DJvCAsrDAtPFAqLHAsrnAqrsAuXvAsXzAgA= Druid Token AAECAbSKAwL9ApnTAg5AX9MB9wPmBcQGhQjkCIbBAqDNAofOAp7SAoTmAtfvAgA= Taunt AAECAbSKAwaHzgLCzgKv0wLm0wLx6gLd6wIMQF/pAeQIysMCyccClNICmNICntICi+EChOYCjfACAA== Mage Tempo AAECAY0WBqsE7QWWBrgIvwii0wIMcbsClQO0BOYElgXsBcHBApjEAo/TAr7sAvvsAgA= Control AAECAY0WBtACxQS/CJvTAvLTAqPrAgxNigHJA+wH+wzKwwLTxQKWxwLV4QLX4QKW5AK38QIA Warlock Control AAECAcn1AgbtBfIFxAiX0wLY5wKc+AIMigHbBrYHzAjTxQLnywKizQL3zQLy0AKI0gLo5wK38QIA Even AAECAcn1AgbMCKLNAsLOApfTAtjnAs30AgyKAdsGtgfhB40I58sC8dAC/dACiNIC2OUCy+wCw/MCAA== Cube AAECAcn1AgiTBOEHycIC08UCl9MC2OcC2+kCnPgCC4oB9wS2B5vCAufLAvLQAvjQAojSAovhAvzlAujnAgA= Priest Control AAECAZ/HAgbFBNMK1QrWCtPFApDTAgyhBOUE9geNCPIM+wzRwQLJxwLo0ALL5gKJ8QK98wIA Quest Dragon AAECAZ/HAgwIkALFBNMKw8EClsQC08UCyccCic0C8M8CkNMCw+oCCfsB0cEC1cECx8sC6NACqeICy+YC6uYC/OoCAA== Hunter No Min AAECAR8EwwjFCOnSAobTAg2NAagCtQOHBMkElwjbCf4M3dIC39IC49IC4eMC6uMCAA== Rouge Miracle AAECAYO6AgSyAu0CrwS9BA20AYwCzQObBYgHpAfdCIYJ68IC3NEC2+MCpu8Cx/gCAA== Odd AAECAYO6AgSiAq8E1AWe+AINjALLA5sF9QXdCIHCAp/CAuvCAsrDAsrLAtHhAovlAqbvAgA= Shaman Even AAECAfe5AgYgvQGKB8LOAqfuAs30AgzTAZkC/gXZB/AHsQiRwQKbywKW6AL27AKU7wKw8AIA Combo AAECAfe5AgbtBZAHnccCq+cCp+4C7/cCDIoB+wGBBPUE/gX/BbIGx8ECm8sC8+cC4OoC7/ECAA==


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