Need For Speed 2015 (NFS15) Gameplay Part #3 [No Commentary]

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Dünyanın En İyi Yarış Oyunlarını sizin için derledik.Sizin en iyi yarış oyunlarınızı okumayı çok isteriz yorumlara yazmayı unutmayın. BU HAFTA SQUAD TV OLARAK OYUN DÜNYASININ EN SEVİLEN YARIŞ OYUNLARINA GÖZ ATTIK VE SİZİN İÇİN EN İYİLERİNİ SEÇTİK. 10-) DriveClub 9-) The Crew 8-) Dirt Rally 7-) Grid 2 6-) Project Cars 5-) Need For Speed: 4 UnderGround 4-) F1 2015 3-) Assetto Corsa 2-) Forza Motorsports 6 1-) Need For Speed Most Wanted 2004

Comparing the two biggest open world racing games on PS4, Need For Speed 2015 (also on Xbox One, PC in 2016), and The Crew Wild Run (also on Xbox One, PC). Which is the best in terms of graphics, sound, rain effects, weather, customization, map, damage, and so on? What do you think? Lots more The Crew and Need For Speed (and Driveclub, Forza, Project CARS) gameplay now on the channel! More info below. Liked the video? Click the 'LIKE' button, comment, and subscribe! Please note that there is always some quality loss due to capturing, editing, and YouTube compression. Both games actually look better when you play them on your TV. All gameplay is captured on PS4. 0:05 Engine Rev - Need For Speed 0:17 Engine Rev - The Crew Wild Run 0:28 Lamborghini Aventador, Wet Roads - Need For Speed 0:47 Lamborghini Aventador, Wet Roads - The Crew Wild Run 1:07 Mazda RX7, Night - Need For Speed 1:24 Mazda RX7, Night - The Crew Wild Run 1:40 Mazda RX7, Hood Cam - Need For Speed 2:00 Mazda RX7, Cockpit View - The Crew Wild Run 2:17 Ford Mustang GT, Light Rain - Need For Speed 2:35 Ford Mustang GT, Light Rain - The Crew Wild Run 3:05 Lamborghini Aventador, Hood Cam - Need For Speed 3:24 Lamborghini Aventador, Cockpit View - The Crew Wild Run 3:43 Damage, Lamborghini Aventador - Need For Speed 4:00 Damage, Lamborghini Aventador - The Crew Wild Run Video made by Racing Video Games. ► Gran Turismo Sport playlist (gameplay) ► Need For Speed playlist: (gameplay) ► Project CARS playlist: (gameplay) ► DriveClub playlist: (gameplay) ► The Crew playlist: (gameplay) ► Forza playlist: (gameplay)

SPOILERS! ...If you can consider the cheesy live action cutscenes the pinnacle of story telling. The final race in the story/mission mode of the game and the ending right before the credits roll. Car used is almost fully upgraded Lamborghini Aventador. New Need for Speed 2015

New Fallout 4 Gameplay from Electronic Entertainment Expo shown by Bethesda!.

Hello! Here is another NFS 2015 video i put together showing my personal favourite drift cars on the game. I thought I'll do this video since I get asked what is a good drift car to buy so hopefully this will help some people out there. Don't forget to check out my other NFS video on my channel! Check my twitch channel!: Twitter: Music: Reso - Callisto


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