Rez Infinite: Area X E3 2018 Reward PS4 Theme

author Dr4gonkiller96 Gaming   4 mounths ago

The 2nd Reward theme from E3 2018 (get the code here only available for NA accounts). The Theme was previously free for AU/EU owners which is no longer available.

decided to record in 60FPS instead of the average 30FPS that i used to, though will still be 720p because of the Remoteplay limitation of OG PS4 Remoteplay.

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Non PS4 Gameplay on Windows 10 recorded with Fraps/Bandicam
PS4 Themes: Third-party Remote-play App
Gameboy: Visual Boy Advanced

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Back by popular demand, here's the updated list for the top 5 best PS4 Dynamic Themes! Enjoy! Notes: -This video is shot in the US, so these themes may or may not be available in different regions. -Theme in the thumbnail is the exclusive E3 2018 Sony booth theme “Symbols in the Stars”. Not sure if you can still get it. -If you're like to check out the original top 5 list, click this link:

Level 5 returns with a superb JRPG outing, reprising its hallmark Studio Ghibli style. A PC version is up for grabs this time, giving plenty of options for enhancing the experience over console - though PS4 Pro does a commendable job with its own native 3200x1800 presentation. For the original source file to this video, check out our Patreon link here! Subscribe for more:

-UPDATE (7/2018) - check out the new updated list here: ------ Need some new console eye candy? I count down the 5 best PS4 themes available so far. Criteria used for this list was themes that have actual dynamic movement, aren't just dressed up image slide shows (*cough* Doctor Who themes *cough*), have good immersive sound, don't get boring easily, are visually interesting, and are in full HD. PS: The theme in the beginning is called "Amazing Galaxy 2 Audio Dynamic theme". It only does 720p and is very pixelated looking on a 1080p TV, which is why I diss it a little in the beginning.

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