Show Me the Honey! A Cat in the Hat Book. By Tish Rabe and Christopher Moroney. Read by Granny B.

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Show Me the Honey! A Cat in the Hat Book.
Written by Tish Rabe (from a script by Ken Cuperus) and illustrated by Christopher Moroney.
Read to you by Granny B.
Read aloud by Granny B. CKToysClub.
This is another great "Cat in the Hat knows a lot about" that book.
This book is filled with Dr. Seuss characters.
Of course the Cat in the Hat, Nick and Sally, Thing One and Thing
Two are present in this colorful funny book.
Of course the text is rhyming and easy to read.
This book is for grades 1-3.
Granny B. loves Dr. Seuss and is so proud to read this educational book to you.
This book is all about bees and how they make their honey.
Nick and sally are out of honey and the cat in the Hat comes by.
He takes them on an adventure to Queen Prisilla Buzzoo's.
This adventure teaches them how bees make honey.

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Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat, una excelente animacion para chicos y grandes! el video esta completo.en formato DivX


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