POST MALONE First TWITCH Stream (Post Malone Playing Call of Duty WWII)

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POST MALONE streaming on Twitch (Call of Duty WW2 FULL STREAM)
Xbox One

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Lil Boat is a twitch streamer now. Here is his best & funniest moments so far playing call of duty on twitch. His twitch:

POST MALONE PLAYS COD WW2! FUNNY MOMENTS & RAGE COMPILATION! BEST POST MALONE TWITCH MOMENTS! Post Malone plays Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer on his Twitch livestream featuring post malone best moments! Drop a LIKE for more Post Malone funny compilations and twitch funny moments videos! If you want to watch post malone twitch: Welcome back to another Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer 2017 (COD WW2) Gameplay Video! Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more COD WW2 videos! 1 FOLLOW = SUPPLY DROP LUCK ★ Add me on Snapchat - GGiTankid (It's exclusive) ★ Follow me on Twitter - ★ Follow me on Instagram - ★ 10% off KontrolFreeks! Use code TAN! ★ Get GFUEL for way cheaper! Use Code TAN! ▶ HOW TO GET A FREE DLC WEAPON IN COD WW2! ▶ COD WW2 WINTER SUPPLY DROP GLITCH FREE WINTER BRIBE! ▶ HOW TO GET FREE WINTER BRIBE IN COD WW2! ▶ MAX SOCIAL SCORE RANK IN COD WW2! (WHAT HAPPENS?) ▶ WORLD'S FIRST COD WW2 LEVEL 1000 - WHAT HAPPENS? ▶ NEW HEROIC SUPPLY DROP GLITCH! (COD WW2 GLITCHES) ▶ THE BEST COD WW2 SUPPLY DROP OPENING REACTIONS!!! Glitchxcity - X and Y Pokemon Remix: Instrumental by Chuki:

Post Malone is officially a twitch streamer and hit over 20k live peak viewers! Compilation of his best moments so far. Post Malone Socials:


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