Angry Birds Transformers: Characters

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Angry Birds Transformers: Characters

Follow me on Facebook : Counter656 Twitter: Optimus Prime in Action again, Prime will face a new big enemy this time, video took around 20 days of production time and 3000 pictures.

The pigs are back for revenge in this 2nd movie. This time, it's SERIOUS, VERY SERIOUS. New Angry Bird types are needed to get the job done! It's a Rooftop Rumble with the birds being launched from a new Portal. New Bird Ideas... New Tricks... Makin' Bacon Bird - Flamethrower Pumper Bird - Pump the pigs to POP 'em HiTeFuRoBi - High Tech Futuristic Robot Bird DJ Dubstep Bird - Melt their brains with noise Longbow Bird - 30mm guns and Hellfire rockets Original Story, Animation, Bird Ideas by: EffingtonCouldBe Original Music: composed and performed by EffingtonCouldBe (Dave) using software from Native Instruments, Samples from Bluezone Corp, Loopmasters, and Primeloops. Please do not download this video, then re-upload as yours (known as stealing). Subscribe! ☺ Thanks for watching! Part 1 - A New Generation Angry Birds Parody Ideas for New Angry Birds ► and video 2 Pig Zombies The Fast Forward version of this video is pretty funny.

Season 3 I will be very grateful to you for donated! ;D QIWI Wallet +79141967511 My group VKontakte Facebook ℗ 2017 Hasbro Studios, LLC. All Rights Reserved. TRANSFORMERS and all related characters and trademarks of Hasbro are used with permission #Transformers #Hasbro #TRID #TransformersRobotsinDisguise #RobotsinDisguise #CombinerForce

We’re dusting off the old VHS collection to show you the next chapter in the Angry Birds Transformers saga! The Autobirds and Deceptihogs have teamed up against the EggBots, and they have finally gotten their hands on the powerful EggSpark. What will happen next? Will the greedy Deceptihogs share their prize with the Autobirds? Not likely… See how the saga plays out in the latest update to Angry Birds Transformers: Deceptihogs Revenge! Get the new update for iOS and Android at READ about Angry Birds at LIKE Angry Birds at SUBMIT fan art at _______________________________________________ Credits: Marketing Director: Joonas Virtanen Producer: Joonas Rissanen Production Manager: Pavel Andonov Director: Antti Kemppainen Storyboard artist: JP Saari Creative editor: Nicolas Stretta Color Grade: Jussi Lehto Compositing: Ville Westerlund Animator: Kaisa Pirttinen Animator: Pinja Partanen Senior FX Animator: Jerome Dupre FX Animator: Ida Koivisto FX Animator: Olli Laamanen FX Animator: Mona Taponen Head of Art Department: Jaakko Tyhtilä Color Script: Laure Olivesi BG Painting: Laure Olivesi BG Painting: Tiina Niittymäki BG Painting: Tozani Carbajal Cuevas Production Artists: Anna Bernal Production Artists: Alfonso Salazar Sanchez Production Artists: Jean-Charles Dechatre Production Artists: Tuuli Juntunen Sound Design Mikko Paju Audio Production Manager Sandra Mittica Audio Production Coordinator Lani Nordlund Music by: Vince Di Cola and Kenny Meriedeth Douglas Black Heaton



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