Thunderf00t reacts to the Sun BLOWING HIS MIND!

author Thunderf00t   8 mounths ago

Only a couple of times in my life have I had such a profound experience.

I've been wandering around today in a daze because of this. It just completely blew my mind.

I'd really forgotten how cool the sun looks in the H-alpha wavelength. I was going to be finishing the video on floating skyscrapers which loads of people sent me today. But its tough to debunk such a stupid idea on aprils fools day.... so I got out the solar telescope. In this case I was using a 40mm coronado telescope. However I've ordered a semi-professional instrument for the eclipse this year in the america. Here I was just pointing a camera into the eyepiece. Theres plenty of room for improvement there too. I wont be adding this video to the patreon supported feed, however if you want to support this channel directly, pateron is the way to do it.

seriously... I only scratched the surface with this stuff! its CRAZYYY!!! Next patreon supported video will be busting breatharians.... so if you want to support this channel:

Sometimes science can be expensive!!! I frequent deal with stable isotopes which can happily reach tens of thousands of dollars per gram. In this case ~$70 000 per gram for 41K. In this case I only had about 1/3rd of a gram. Now it might seem like a lot, but bear in mind this is not really something you can sell. The market for 41K in the entire world is almost nothing. Indeed the only thing that gives it value is it costs so much to make it. Thankfully, this stuff did good work! We got some of the best measurements on the hydration of potassium in the world!! Indeed they were good enough to highlight some of the previous knowledge about 41K, to the point where I had to bring this sample out of retirement and send it back to the reactor to check the properties of the nucleus. I wont be adding this to the patreon feed, but many thanks to all those who support this channel!

If I wanted to be rich (instead of being a scientist) it would be SOOOO much easier, especially if I didnt care about predating on people ignorance. It does however get depressing sometimes seing someone trot out a clearly stupid idea (like fontus), get $300 000 of crowd funder money, and design awards. They then proceeded to work out that I was right all along, and eventually reinvent a very VERY poor ripoff of a commercial peltier dehumidifier. .... and now... after all that..... they've just won a 'top 4 Austrian startup' award. Words just kinda fail me at this point. This video supported by donations on patreon, which for me is honestly a silver lining for this cloud. At least there are people out there who will support this kind of work!


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