Thunderf00t reacts to the Sun BLOWING HIS MIND!

author Thunderf00t   3 days ago

Only a couple of times in my life have I had such a profound experience.

I've been wandering around today in a daze because of this. It just completely blew my mind.

Yup, you can see their power generation directly here: I took a lot of grief when I first put up the solar roadways video, how I just wasnt being open minded enough. Well now the numbers are in on their first installation, and guess what... its pathetic. On a good day it generates about 1kw hr of electricity. Thats about 10cents worth. On a bad day its about 1/3rd of that. Now in my original busted video, I hit on 3 key points. 1) flat solar is dumb 2) led cant be seen and will use too much power 3) glass is a fundamentally unsuitable material for building roads from. Dave from EEVblogs came to similar conclusions. Each one of those on its own is fatal to this project. So far its clear I was right on 1 and 2. 3 hasnt even been put to the test yet! but when it is, you can rest assured they will find, GLASS IS A FUNDAMENTALLY UNSUITABLE MATERIAL FOR BUILDING ROADS FROM!... grrrr If you like this channel and want to support it directly:

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Dry ice is essentially frozen carbon dioxide. High levels of carbon dioxide can be fatal. Evaporating kilograms of carbon dioxide into a room is suicidal.

Youtube vs The Mains Stream Media. So many people suggesting a conspiracy is afoot. Im not so sure you need one though. The mains stream media has been becoming more and more click-baitey over the last few years. Honestly the stories from the Daily Mail are run of the mill click bait. Its pretty hard to see this as some great attack on youtube. Similarly so with the Wall Street Journal. Their pewdiepie stuff was just comically bad reporting, and the same with their youtube ads piece. But is that a conspiracy or just some guy who works out that provoking youtubers is a great way to get clicks? I dont put soft commentary like this in the Patreon supported feed, but if you want to support me directly... thats the way to do it!

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