Injustice 2 - HARLEY QUINN Combo Guide

author Nugget Nugget   3 mounths ago


I'm re-using the same music bcuz ShareFactory has horrible music SHAREfactory™!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00

These are the translation for the letters and numbers 1=Square/X 2=Triangle/Y 3=X/A 4=Circle/B B=Back U=Up D=Down F=Forward BGB=Background Bounce

Today we are playing Injustice 2 and learning Harley Quinn Combos. Get yourself a #bonehawks T-shirt, Check out the store! Twitch Livestream: Outro Song is Quanfather by Cricha! Check it out here on soundcloud! Join the Official Bonehawk Brotherhood for exclusive content and Private Lessons!

Hey everyone! I work hard in this video and i can say harley is really good in this game! The trait just help her in the neutral and you can make dirty setups with her! Hope u like the video, don't forget subscribe and see you soon!


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