DESTINY 2 RAP BATTLE | Dan Bull & Harry Partridge

author Dan Bull   4 mounths ago

Rap battle between Cayde-6 and Commander Zavala! Sponsored by Activision - Destiny 2’s free trial is available now on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One! Download Destiny 2 through your console or Blizzard to participate. For more information, visit:
Thanks to Harry Partridge for animating this like a boss. See his work over on his channel:
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Words: Dan Bull
Music: Kustom Beats (
Video: Harry Partridge (

DISCLAIMER: This video was made on behalf of Activision as an advertisement for the video game Destiny 2.

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Can this video get 1,000 likes :D! Tweet this video at Bungie/Activision: Itunes: Spotify: Produced by AFI Beats CHECK HIM OUT!: This is Cayde-6. Gunslinger. Wildcard. The destiny community podcast hit me up to do a song to open up there first podcast after the Destiny 2 release! Check out all those episodes here LYRICS VERSE 1 Cayde 6 dropping mad verses Superhero on the battlefield nearly perfect Got your boy ghaul feeling nervous when the golden gun surfaces Bout to wrangle in these circuses Put your turtles in a line, only nourishes And makes it even quicker to retort with golden furnaces Shutting down disturbances, tell me what your purpose is Oh your taken the light back on my track Hell naw, what you think we ain't gonna fight back Have your crew pushing daisies maybe lilacs Up sh** creek with a paddle and a kayak Swimming like a salmon with the fire team on my back Unpredictable some would say that i'm a wild card Bruce Willis told me to chill, I told him Die hard Bad boy Swimming in the deep, without a life guard Charging though your lines like I'm riding on a Reinhardt Your a kinderguardian, you gotta use caution Baby steps first thing, grab me some ramen take this go pro, take videos and drop them On the internet and tag others so they watch em You think that it's a waste of your time, you should be training Your learning from the best, it doesn't need explaining Hold the camera tight no arguing or debating The destiny 2 footage is waiting, chorus CHORUS Now i'm about to shoot some STUFF Things might get a little ROUGH i'm rolling in my exo lets go serious face And now i'm bout to lose my HEAD everybody in this place gonna wind up DEAD NOW I'm rolling in my exo lets go serious face VERSE 2 Wait there's another verse man I only wrote one Well I'll go off the top of the dome a shogun On the mic, how can he lead he's outrageous I might be--but I lead some dope rampages Zavala might not agree style unorthodox missed shots now there outta ammo in there storage box Not a yes man I'm a little different Complete the mission looking magnificent and belligerent Confident as all hell, some will say I'm ignorant The same ones will thank me when a predicament strikes You really think they care that your innocent Im crazy but a good guy see the difference So lock and load, better have your funderwear Maybe check if you still have cojones under there And if you see me out there recognize greatness Legendary beautiful but you can call me cayde 6 CHORUS VERSE3 Firstly Verse 3's showing no mercy Quirky, but I'll wheel your team out on a gurney Metal dome piece, you think that you can hurt me Bow to a boss no better yet...curtsy Dcp called with an invitation Thought that they were safe from this brutal situation Dissing everybody, gotta start with Patrick On some hunter nuts, obsessed really tragic Then you got watts destiny fashionista Style over function what a first class diva And Tefty he can't even play the game He's like how can I play when I'm dropping frames And what about briar, the warlock liar Day 1 titan abandoned for a glider And what can I say about pope bear easy He's got a great beard and his rngs dreamy Destiny 2 is an upcoming online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game in development by Bungie and will be published by Activision. It is set to be released on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Microsoft Windows version scheduled for release on October 24. It will be the sequel to 2014's Destiny and its subsequent expansions. ► Hi everybody! – I am Leon “ Daddyphatsnaps ” Young! Subscribe for more rap videos and gameplay: ► Itunes: ► Spotify: ► Google Play: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: == CREDITS == ► Raps/Editing: Daddyphatsnaps

You can follow me at You can find more of Dan's raps at == LYRICS == By the nine, it's been five long years since I've come here so I think I'm perfectly entitled to cry one tear and now I want beer And I need a mead and thanks to this bucket we don't have to buy one here I've just baked up a fresh batch of sweetrolls, would you like one dear? I should head back to my Hearthfire before the Dawnguard start lecturing but my belly's full and inventory's empty so we'd better get adventuring Pick up a weapon then pick a direction then pick a dungeon that we're entering no fast travel, just treasuring every texture that's rendering Quest: Reliving our memories and carving out some new ones With newer and shinier hardware you can do whatever you want Is it just me or have mods made this world change in odd ways My frosty droplets of snot are thawed under the God rays they drip in the mountain water, glistening trickling sounds are sort of twinkling Rippling out I'm sure if you're listening your hair's on end and your pores are tingling My legacy, odyssey, elegy, prophecy's better than ever You're probably getting euphoric and wobbly In bed in pyjamas but it feels like ebony armor It's Godly I am the Dragonborn and thus I'm dragging you back to my birthplace I've got unfinished business, I never did the main quest in the first place So many side missions, civil wars, guilds and factions How can I ever 100% a game that filled with distractions refractions and reflections weapon sets and plant collections never ending Harry... uh, Harry. Pants. Erection.


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