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In this video, I hit insane ww2 aimbot trickshots! I did ww2 aimbot trickshotting w/ mods because nobody has done it before. Leave a like for more WWII trickshotting videos!
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is bo2 ruined? In this video, I went into ffa and got into a modded lobby. everyone was using aimbot. sure enough, there was a mod menu infection ... am i forced to play a different game now? EVERYONE HAS AIMBOT IN BO2.. (BO2 MOD MENU INFECTION) ▶CAN WE HIT 50 LIKES?◀ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Twitter: https://twitter.com/warpzyog Instagram: warpzyog Twitch: twitch.tv/warpzyog -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= XBOX GT: Warpzys PSN: Ohh_Dignity -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Top 5 Clips of the Week Email: WarpzyTop5@gmail.com -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= StableSeven: Youtube: https://goo.gl/GAo9ym Twitter: https://twitter.com/StableSeven SpectrumHub: Youtube: https://goo.gl/NqHdEE Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpectrumHub -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= black ops 2, bo2, call of duty, cod, black ops 2 trickshotting, trickshotting, bo2 trickshotting, fazeclan, trickshot, call of duty black ops 2, faze clan, aimbot, funny moments, black ops 2 trickshot, funny, insane, bo2 aimbot, faze, amazing, trickshots, insane shot, reaction, bo2 trickshots, black ops 2 trickshots, aimbot trickshotting, bo2 trickshot, tenser, tenser bo2 trickshotting, fans, black ops, tenser bo2, custom cod, bo2 trickshotting tenser, trick shot, how did that hit, insane black ops 2 trickshot, faze rain, ffa trickshotting, trickshotting in ffa, illcams

The PTRS 41 and NAMBU Type 2 are insane in COD WW2! ➤ ALL of my Call of Duty: WW2 videos - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo9OtbfvytgQFyvs_h2OE9oFZ1omgDjej ➤ Be sure to Subscribe for DAILY CoD WW2 videos! ♛ Stay Connected ♛ ■ Twitter: @Kor3aYn ■ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Mck395 ■ PSN: Kor3aYn ■ Email: iTzBatrush@gmail.com Partner your YT channel here!: https://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=ebr8507du6nei2 Video created and owned by: TheKoreanSavage #1 Leaderboard King


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