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What is going on guys here it is brand new on top of roof areas in zombies in spaceland, as well as unlimited velocity trap and more...
Was not going to post this video today but I havent posted in a while so here is a gift to you from me hope you guys enjoy this glitch!
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this glitch is done with upd unicorn you dont need it but its easier. i did not find this Upd unicorn link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/udpunicorn/ 1. Find someone to join 2.open upd unicorn set target to then go over to port find call of duty. the packet size stays at 10.make delay 5.make threads 3.make sockets per thread 3 then your ready. 3.join someone's game then once joining screen pops up back out go back to zombies hit coustom match boss battle then aliens then hit start match once you hit start match hit ATTACK on upd unicorn once the game has started wait 4 seconds after the game starts to turn off the ATTACK you should get can't connect to host if done right. Note: if you do get it and the alien don't spawn wait longer to turn the upd ATTACK off or be faster at joining the person backing out and starting the match. If I had a capture card id explain it better sorry if you don't get it

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