Clash of MU ! MssDrop, ZOG (Clash of Clans)

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Clash of MU ! MssDrop, ZOG (Clash of Clans)

This Is A Fortnite Item Shop Stream For November 26th With New Skins And Showing The Fortnite Item Shop Live! If Anyone Wants To Follow My other Social Media You Totally Can! Instagram: Twitter: ------------------------------------------------------------------ I Am A Battle Royale and Save The World Streamer And Do Many STW Giveaways. The Giveaways I Do In STW Will Usually Be Announced In A Video So Make Sure To Hit The Bell To Be Notified When They Come Out! On The Other Hand, Battle Royale Giveaways (V-Bucks, PSN, ETC.) Are Usually Done In Livestreams! ========================================================================= Here Is A List Of The current Commands Setup By Nightbot And StreamElements : !epic - This will tell you my epic games account username. !uptime - This will tell you how long the current stream has been up for. !tip - This will put a link in chat where you can tip me to show support. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You Send Me An Epic Games Friend Request, I Will Accept It ASAP. There is Nothing Required To Be Eligible To Send Me A Request. Also, if You Guys Do Want To Tip Me, Do So Right Here! There are rules to being in streams 1. Don't be toxic 2. No fighting 3. Ask me anything! I'm here to chat with you guys! (keep it active, I want to hear what you have to say) 4. DON'T SPAM. I'm usually pretty tolerant, but please don't, it will result in a timeout. And Last But Not Least, Make Sure To Like And Sub! The Title For This Stream is : New ITEM SHOP COUNTDOWN | November 26th New Skins - Fortnite Item Shop Live Fortnite Battle Royale Item Shop #ItemShop

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