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Jaina and Gul'Dan have a Hearthstone match, and we get to see what it looks like!

I wanted to make an animation about one of my favorite games, Hearthstone, so this was the result. It was a very large and time-consuming project, but I had tons of fun with it and I'm elated that it's finally finished. Hearthstone/Warcraft fan or not, I hope you enjoy!

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You've seen infomercials for all kinds of products before... stuff that cleans, stuff that makes food... but why hasn't there been something that can just do anything? If you ever wanted something like that, then this is for you! This was supposed to take a few weeks, but right when I was like half-done with it, a bunch of work came up that I had to do, and then it ultimately prolonged it by a very long time. So, like most of my stuff, you can see the quality get less-bad as the video goes. Oh well.

An in-depth look at an average day at work for a high school cheerleader.

5 animation parody cartoon about Hearthstone game. Jaina vs Uther. Please subscribe and press like to let us know that you like this video. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy1U0l_0HcI&list=PLbI0s4GYTeKwqNuELTZX6haNItsR1nqAB VK group: https://vk.com/hearthstonetheanimation You can support: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dsanimation PayPal: dsanimation@mail.ru #HS, #HearthStone, #HearthStone_Cartoon, #hearthstone, #heathstoneparody, #hearthstonecartoon, #hsanimation, #hearthstone_animation, #hearthstone_the_animation, #anduinvsuther, #ds, #dsanimation, #dsanimationhearthstone.


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