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Welcome to my gameing channel. I will be uploading daily content with friends

HEY FIRST I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR EVEN LOOKING AT THIS CHANNEL!!! This Channel is Based on a variety of videos never the same ol thing. Open to many suggestions that the viewers may want to see on my channel making it a friendly community of interactions with the viewers and fans of this channel.

Descent World Record 100+ Infection world record Round 105 Full Rounds 1-70 more info bellow.. Coop World Record Round 121 gg to my brother Scottiei3 who currently holds the world record Full Round 70-111 ... highlights & downs of my 20+ hour game will re attempt prob when pause feature is released soon (we started our games at around the same time on weekend and stayed in xbox party chat for about 26 hours lel took most the week to sort sleeping pattern out so i hope they add the pause feature soon ;P ) 1- 41 coop Full gameplay 41 - 82 coop Full gameplay game stats: 1-50 2h 5 min 1-100 15.5 hours downs 4 (the two best legit leaderboard websites below) exo zombies high round gameplay 100 + strategy outbreak

Let's revisit this old gem. Infinite Warfare has some stark similarities with Halo, from environments to assets, so let's analyze them, and look at how much Infinite Warfare is really inspired by Halo, featuring ya boi Francis of the Filth. Next time, we're going to be theorizing about the date Halo 6 will be set, and how long after Halo 5 this could be. I have some interesting theories on this, along with some possible plot points that could branch out from the, so make sure you don't miss it! Check out the Halo Archive: Subscribe to me here for more top tier Halo content!: Follow me on Twitter!: Join the Halo discussion and catch up with the latest news on the Halo subreddit! Get educated on the Halo lore and back story on the dedicated Halo story subreddit! ►►Thanks for watching guys!

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Welcome to my gameing channel. I will be uploading daily content with friends


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