Forever Home : I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME! Amazing RPG, Fantastic Price! (Steam PC Review Gameplay)

author Dayton Does Gaming   4 mounths ago

Forever Home revives my hope for RPG-Maker games. I'd never bash a game simply for the engine it was constructed on, but RPG Maker makes me hesitate... But not anymore. Forever Home is a forever favorite, and the price point absolutely can't be beaten.

30 hours of gameplay for $5? If you enjoy Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy you would be remiss to pass up Forever Home. I honestly can't say enough good things about it. Many battles broken up with some light puzzling and a smattering of delightful characters? YES!

I've been waiting for a game like this to revive my love of RPGs. Obviously I get deep into the open-world RPGs but sometime in my 20s I lost my passion for the 2D JRPG style. Forever Home has remedied all of that. Call it nostalgia glasses of whatever, but I am hooked. Hard.

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Throughout our lives the moments we share with others paint bold strokes across our canvas of memories. They define our personality, our existence, and shape our futures. Our greatest desire is to find that moment, that perfect instance, we wish to relive forever. That moment, no matter where you are or what you're feeling, is home.
After a series of tragic events, our hero Xero and his best friends are thrown from their homes into the middle of a war between nations. A general on one side of the conflict obtains an incredible power and then goes rogue, threatening humanity's very existence. The future of the planet is in danger and the only way to save it may involve killing your best friend.

Forever Home is a retro RPG that takes inspiration from SNES and PS1 classics. The battle system is influenced from Squaresoft style action turn-based systems such as Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger. It uses a skill learning system similar to Grandia II and the Final Fantasy VII Materia system. Forever Home includes item and weapon crafting, monster catching, a rank based Colosseum, and numerous side quests.
The 30+ hour character driven narrative contains a deeply emotional and adult-oriented story mixing tragedy and heartache with overcoming personal adversities and lighthearted humor. The theme focuses on the meaning of survival and finding a place you can call home. A powerful original soundtrack mixing classical instruments with alternative drums and guitar helps push the mood.

I received this game for free, for being a contributing member to the third party scripts featured in its release. That being said, I proceeded to play this game for just less than 30minutes, so this review is more of a first impression than an overall game review. I am a content creator for the RPGMaker series, so I am familiar with the fact that a lot of projects developed with RPGMaker find their way to the steam store, but I am happy to report that Forever Home is not what I consider to be "run of the mill". I was very pleased with how the developer approached character personas and the crafting of cutscenes; it was apparent to me that this project was developed with care, which is something that cannot always be said about RPGMaker projects.

This is a good game with a modest price point, and I am confident more people who add this game to their library will be pleased than the number who are disappointed. -dbchest

I'm really loving this game! The story is great, the dialogue is entertaining, and overall, really nice pacing. Plus, the combat is extremely enjoyable. I have been on the brink of death a few times already, but the game maintains a nice balance so you feel like you have enough control in combat and can decide whether you want to take risks or play it safe. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes!

I was looking for a good JRPG style game recently and happened upon Forever Home. I'm glad I came across this game! Not disappointed at all! Very polished game. Can't believe it's so cheap. -KS

Forever Home is no where near a bad game.

I would say it's somewhat okay RPG and interesting enough to check it out. The character is pretty much what you'll expect from Hero Journey which work well in every game.

The interaction and conversation between the charcter and npc is what i think the strongest part of this game which is my favourite part for the genre and this game presented in a good way.
My only concern is the lack the of character potrait for sub characters which make the interaction feel a little bit off.

Overall solid for it price. If you love RPG maker game give this game a try and dev is very ambitious about the game which make me love the game even more. -strz

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