Angry Birds X Revenge of the Nintendo Power Fist Bump

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Well after looking back at the first version of Datta No Kami Opening and saw all the things I didn't get the chance to add and after reading one comment on the original opening I thought of adding in all the things I had missed and fix a few errors I was too lazy to put in. Again another big thank you to Joseph Reeves from The Code Pirates for sending me all those inspirational anime openings that helped me create this! So now here it is everyone! Datta no Kami Opening Complete! Hope you enjoy! - Kiid Wanna help the channel? Please donate at my GoFundMe! Follow me on IG for funny pics and other shit: Wanna talk? Go to my FB like page:

It's Game Day! 32 new Quarterbacks are in the game and ready to kick butt. Our two week event ramping up to the Super Bowl LII is HERE! ★ DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE: QUARTERBACK Idea and story - Sara Wahl Director - Sara Wahl Storyboard - Paulo R. Alvarado Animatic Editor - Maria Palavamäki Animation - Pinja Partanen, Sara Wahl Compositing - Jani Teräväinen CG Supervisor - Antti Rautiola FX - Jussi Dittmer/Brink Helsinki, Jani Teräväinen 3D Modelling - Manu Järvinen, Clifton Phachanla Online Editor - Maria Palavamäki, Jussi Lehto Audio - Mikko Paju Music - Henri Sorvali Voice Acting - Antti Pääkkönen Matte painting - Emiel Nikula Marketing Art Director - Antti Bergman Technical Supervisor - Scott Liedtka Pipeline TD - Samsher Chahar Marketing Manager - Jesse Lempiäinen Production Manager - J-P Savolainen Thanks to all members of Rovio Content Creation Team, Rovio Marketing and AB Evolution Games Team ▶︎ FOLLOW Angry Birds on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ▶︎ PLAY Angry Birds: ▶︎ READ the blog:

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