Minicraft # 2

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Mini Craft 2 Free Android Gameplay HD / (by LA Cowboy Studio) New Android Games Playlist: Subscribe: Download: Mini Craft 2 free. Create whatever you want in your world! Mini Craft 2 free Features: 1.Survival Story Mode: In survival mode you must find their own building supplies and food. You find resources to craft tools while avoiding moving creatures (mobs) such as zombies and giant spiders. 2. Creative Story Mode: In the creative mode, you are given supplies to build whatever you want and have the ability to fly as well as no need to eat. You may roam freely but building can take place only in certain areas depending on what the objects have been used to create it. The aim of this mode is to encourage building objects creatively. 3. Free forever! You will enjoy a great experience on Crafting and Exploration . Thanks for your download Mini Craft 2 free!

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