Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) Gamechive (Gotham's Most Wanted: Own the Roads) [NS+]

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"Gotham's Most Wanted: Own the Roads (New Story Plus/Knightmare/Big Head Mode)"—As the main story progresses, checkpoints are erected all around Gotham's three islands. Batman must take out the militia defenders (combat scenarios) and destroy the commander's checkpoint controller in each one. There are 20 checkpoints total. (Some checkpoints contain drones which can only be incapacitated by upgrading the Disruptor.) Later in the story, after the main campaign is finished, Deathstroke takes control of the militia for this side mission, "Occupy Gotham," and "Campaign for Disarmament." This segment features the entire mission.

"Checkpoints are operational. We control the streets." — Militia

Checkpoints & Coordinates:

Bleake Island (x4):
- Checkpoint #1 [1759,2268]
- Checkpoint #2 [1956,2322]
- Checkpoint #3 [2055,2066]
- Checkpoint #4 [2150,2150]

Founders' Island (x8):
- Checkpoint #1 [2047,1634]
- Checkpoint #2 [2127,1802]
- Checkpoint #3 [2259,2012]
- Checkpoint #4 [2259,1852]
- Checkpoint #5 [2543,1777]
- Checkpoint #6 [2681,1881]
- Checkpoint #7 [2856,1882]
- Checkpoint #8 [2516,1458]

Miagani Island (x8):
- Checkpoint #1 [3132,2009]
- Checkpoint #2 [3166,2246]
- Checkpoint #3 [2959,2179]
- Checkpoint #4 [2884,2904]
- Checkpoint #5 [3519,2412]
- Checkpoint #6 [2875,2901]
- Checkpoint #7 [3175,2571]
- Checkpoint #8 [3488,2412]

Case Synopsis:
- Locate and destroy the militia checkpoints to clear the streets of patrolling militia soldiers and support vehicles

Case Progress:
- Most Wanted case file closed

22 WayneTech Upgrade Points are earned for completing the mission. The "Flashpoint" Batman skin and the "1966" Batmobile skin are utilized during this mission.

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