Fallout 4 Top 10 Weapons

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Fallout 4 perfect start guide

10. Deliverer Unique pistol
9. Alien Blaster
8. Big Boy Unique Fatman
7. Rail Rifle
6. Broadside
5. Last Minute Unique Gauss Rifle
4. Experiment 18-A Unique Plasma Rifle
3. Final Judgment Unique Gatling Gun
2. Furious Powerfist
1. Cryolator

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Go to any vendor. Buy all of one ammo type. In this tutorial I'm using .308 Rounds. The ammo you select must have 11 or more Rounds to perform this glitch. Sell one round back the Vendor. Sell the rest of the rounds back to the Vendor. Keep selling the round back to the vendor until the total cost gets close to your Caps. I stop around 200 Caps total cost. Do not exceed your caps or the glitch will not work. Keep buying the round type that is in your inventory. I stop buying rounds when the vendor is minus 2,200,000. Buy all the vendors inventory except the round type in your inventory Accept the transaction with X button. Go to the power armor station and store your new inventory. Fast travel to a place where you can sleep outside of Diamond City Sleep for 24 hours. This will replenish the vendors. Then return to Diamond City and repeat the process until you're satisfied with your caps and inventory FALLOUT 4 Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkGH6a3UYFomTbxpRTFYIKnaVFGD_4e_L Fallout 4 Max Out SPECIAL/Perk Tree Instantly & Duplicate Items https://youtu.be/CgP0uBwdB-8 FALLOUT 4 Suicide Nuke Bomber! (Super Mutant Suicider) https://youtu.be/sLbC2Acvj5c FALLOUT 4 My House Before & After the Fallout https://youtu.be/yqikzyl3eJE FALLOUT 4 Power Armor at the Beginning of the game! https://youtu.be/tFZ0dmPnQfE FALLOUT 4 NUKE DETONATION! https://youtu.be/YpdMvgQlgi0 FALLOUT 4 Donkey Kong Easter Egg! (Red Menace) https://youtu.be/48ZqYNwTmA8 FALLOUT 4 Tragedy Inside Vault 111 https://youtu.be/62PK0AZjGFE FALLOUT 4 Prologue / Opening Scene https://youtu.be/We50I8fNFCE FALLOUT 4 Creating My Character Time-Lapse https://youtu.be/uLQV12d9z3I FALLOUT 4 Evacuating to Vault 111 Before the Nukes Detonate! https://youtu.be/Qul9gJCHFYs FALLOUT 4 Walkthrough Part 1 (The Fall of Society) https://youtu.be/01gR4_tJaag FALLOUT 4 Life Before the Fallout & Vault-Tec Insurance https://youtu.be/6WEe5P-Pm-o FALLOUT 4 My Neighborhood Before & After the Fallout "War Never Changes" Theme https://youtu.be/WR1moYnbHKc FALLOUT 4 "Fat Man" Nuke Launcher Location & Nuke Ammo Location FALLOUT 4 Diamond City Location https://youtu.be/cGo1Xbr6BSM FALLOUT 4 How to Find Shishkebab https://youtu.be/ldEg5sL5laA FALLOUT 4 How to Find Furious Power Fist https://youtu.be/pNL_7yGbm0w Fallout 4 JAWS Easter Egg Tutorial! https://youtu.be/Cyd701Kgj60 Fallout 4 CHEERS Bar Easter Egg Tutorial! https://youtu.be/D4C_Dj5tpwU FALLOUT 4 how to find the Zao's Sword (Secret Weapon) https://youtu.be/Ry9KcWYCPWc FALLOUT 4 Call of Duty Zombies Monkey Bomb Easter Egg Tutorial! https://youtu.be/yIXtX799nbo FALLOUT 4 Falling into Molten Metal! (Death Scene) https://youtu.be/SJvzdbUu1hI FALLOUT 4 Blowing up the Submarine! https://youtu.be/5tE7RwvJnYI FALLOUT 4 Submarine https://youtu.be/qQ4Zqnz4k5E FALLOUT 4 Deathclaw VS Giant Scorpions https://youtu.be/BiSFTl7SM4k FALLOUT 4 Look What Happened to this Poor Guy! https://youtu.be/4rF25K9-DgM FALLOUT 4 Exploring Ground Zero of the Nuke Detonation https://youtu.be/nsN0mGuah9w FALLOUT 4 Deathclaw Throws Me 50 Feet in the Air, Epic Death! https://youtu.be/-nKgCUvXDBY FALLOUT 4 Killing a Level 45+ Deathclaw! https://youtu.be/krXqdPjUu1U FALLOUT 4 Unlimited Caps, Ammo, Stimpaks, Armor, Weapons https://youtu.be/FP9iazI606c FALLOUT 4 Ending a Brother vs Brother Standoff! https://youtu.be/BB2bSvumk9A Fallout 4 I don't Need to Pay Life Insurance! (Violent Confrontation) https://youtu.be/VbKLu21DBis Fallout 4 Killing a Alpha Deathclaw & How to Find It! https://youtu.be/BJAr18mQ4Lg

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