angry birds makeup look [idk] //Isabella camargo

author isabella Camargo   4 mounths ago

hey guys sorry I haven't uploaded in a long time I had some family problems that I have to deal with but I hope you guys like this video and made you laugh cuz my life fell apart in this video :) but whatever love you guys ❤︎

day ill be uploading // Tuesday , Thursday ,and Saturday


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hey guys so i hope you guys like this video make sure to comment and subscribe see you guys in the next video :) sc//bellacamargo123 email//

hey guys there isn't much to say but I'm going to make a video explaining why I haven't been posting that will be up in a little but anyways I hope you guys like the video ❤︎ F.O.L.L.O.W. .M.E instagram//belllacamargo snapchat// bellacamargo123 email// yours truly ~bella

Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't posted for a long time in this video I explain why but if you just want to skip to the haul part thats fine thank you guys for being patient with me but I'm getting my life back on track so you'll be having videos three times a week ily guys❤︎ days I will upload // Tuesday , Thursday ,and Saturday F.O.L.L.O.W M.E. instagram // belllacamargo snapchat // bellacamargo123 email// yours truly ~bella

Hello Candylovers!!! :D Since someone requested me to recreate all my makeup tutorials in my blog, I randomly picked up what's my first makeup look. TADAAHHH! :D For more informations: MUSIC BY: Lost Witness- Red Sun Rising


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