Trove roleplay part 1

author TheCookieCrook   7 mounths ago

Thanks for watching! Today me and Blaze start a new mini-series on a fairly new MMO called Trove! We start our adventure, learn the ropes, and defeat some epic bosses and gather their loot! Leave a like if you enjoyed! It is always appreciated! Follow my twitter down below to stay updated! My twitter:

Trove Full Release Launch Edition Episode 1 w/ TheIronMango! New Trove Full Game Final Release Walkthrough Lets Play Playthrough Part 1! ● Trove Playlist! (Never Miss an Episode!): ● Follow me on Twitter(I post whenever I go online to play with subs)!: ● Follow me on Twitch (I Stream Every Saturday!): ● Follow me on Instagram!: ● Follow me on Google+!: ● Subscribe For Daily Vids!: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ JOIN MY Pixelmon 1.8 SERVER!: Donation Store (You can get Beta Access Here!): Server IP: You must also have the latest version of Pixelmon 4.0.6 and Custom NPCs 1.8 beta installed. Learn how to install them here!: Watch this video to learn how to join exactly!: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need a Server Host!? ● Check out BisectHosting! (They host all of my Servers!): ● Promo Code (Get 25% off all Premium Servers): TheIronMango ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ Get YouTube Partnership ► ★ Already a Freedom! YouTube partner? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is up my Beautiful Mangos? This is the first episode or episode 1 / part 1 of my BRAND NEW Game on Steam called Trove or my brand new TroveGame Series on my channel! I'm playing a BRAND NEW game called Trove Full Game Final Release Launch Edition and it's a TON of fun! Essentially this Trove Full Release or Trove Launch Edition is an Action RPG Minecraft, but it certainly has it's own unique charm to it. It's very similar to minecraft, but has a unique art-style, and the gameplay is different enough, that you can tell it is it's own game. It's an MMO, one of the best minecraft clones, and I hope you guys enjoy this series and maybe even join me on my adventure! Slap The Lickity-Like Button if you guys wanna see some more Trove Launch Edition in the future! Leave a comment down below with suggestions on what I should do in future videos! And be sure to subscribe for daily videos and check out my other series as well :D Thanks for Watching! GFX Artists: Cpex360:: GrayMC: SwayMC: Mr. Infinity: RJPlays: SlenderDerpHead:

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