Gerald McBoing-Boing. By Dr. Seuss. Illustrated by Mel Crawford.

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Gerald McBoing-Boing. Written by Dr. Seuss.
Illustrated by Mel Crawford.
Dr. Seuss is my most favorite author of all times.
In this book it is all about a little boy that doesn't want to speak.
He says: "Boing Boing", and his parents don't know what to do with him'.
The schools don't want him either and he feels so bad that he wants to leave his town.
But, just in time, he is offered a great job in a studio.
He has to make all kinds of sounds and that is his specialty.
Gerald ends up famous and rich and everybody is so proud of him.
Granny B. is proud to read this great book written by Dr. Seuss to you.

WATCH "Miffy" Children's Story Here: WATCH my other Dr. Seuss video,"Theres a Wocket in my Pocket" A character known as "Sam I Am" pesters an unnamed character to taste a bizarre-looking dish of green eggs and ham. An Electronic Media Production school project. I had to make a 5 minute children's story. So.. I made this using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, & Premiere. It features the voice over of the famous Serena Cappuzzo. Star of "The Date" and the upcoming movie Sprouting Orchids due for release in 2014. I hope you like it! Check out my other Dr. Seuss video:

Gerald McBoing Boing. A story about a boy who cannot talk but just makes noises. Please contact me by the email below if you consider this a COPYRIGHT infringement. I will take the clip down immediately. Watching full length, like, share, subscribe and comments will all help to make our channel more visible. Author: Dr. Seuss and Melanie Crawford **Copyright information** All material is owned by the creators (authors, illustrators, publishers) displayed or mentioned in this video. Reading this storybook was done under the Fair Use of a copyrighted work for entertainment & educational purposes. Buy this book here: Email us here:

I'll teach my dog 100 words. Written by Michael Frith. Illustrated by P.D. Eastman. Granny B. is proud to read this entertaining book to you. This is an Bright and early Book for Beginning Beginners. A cat in the Hat Book. This story is funny and easy to read. The words have a happy rhythm and they rhyme. The colorful pictures are one of a kind. This books looks like a Dr. Seuss Book. We all love Dr. Seuss. In I'll teach my dog 100 words, a child dreams about teaching his dog 100 words. He dreams about being famous and that his dog is super smart. He tells about the hundred words he loves to teach his dog. The dog can do it all. This book has a surprising end. You just have to listen to Granny B. This is a read aloud book by Granny B. Granny B. loves to promote reading and creativity for all children. The funnier the books are the more kids will read. Keep on reading my little friends! And Moms and Dads, please read as much as you can with your children. Time flies and your children will never forget the quality time you spend together.

This wonderful adaptation of a 1950 Academy Award-winning animated motion picture is one of my 5yr old son Johann's favorite books. It features Dr. Seuss's inimitable rhymes, plus images from Mel Crawford's original animation stills, which he based on Seuss' drawings. Gerald McCloy, a cute saucer-eyed boy with a rooster's comb of hair, doesn't talk like a normal kid. Instead, he makes noises. The classic and vintage-like illustrations, the snazzy contrasting typefaces used for the sound effects make it easy for talented Gerald's little admirers to honk and clang energetically along while reading. A truly fun read ❤️

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