[Hearthstone] How To Play Hearthstone's Arena Correctly | Get 7 Wins In Arena

author Randomplayeri   10 mounths ago

Finally, an arena guide from the one and only Randomi. This is how you've always supposed to play arena. Get those 7 wins and keep playing. This being a little bit of a longer arena run, this final score may have been updated 4 months late, but it was (and still is) 6-3.

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### HealZoolock # Class: Warlock # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (1) Flame Imp # 2x (1) Kobold Librarian # 2x (1) Lightwarden # 2x (1) Soul Infusion # 2x (1) Soulfire # 1x (1) The Soularium # 2x (1) Voidwalker # 2x (1) Voodoo Doctor # 1x (2) Prince Keleseth # 2x (3) Doubling Imp # 2x (3) Fungal Enchanter # 2x (3) Happy Ghoul # 1x (4) Lifedrinker # 2x (4) Saronite Chain Gang # 1x (4) Spellbreaker # 2x (5) Doomguard # 2x (5) Fungalmancer # AAECAf0GBPIFnOIC7/ECj4IDDTCEAfcEzgfCCPcMm8sCn84C8tAC0eECh+gC9PcC0/gCAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone


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