MW3 Resistance wave 130 World Record Survival Mode - TheRelaxingEnd & ChristianR87

author TheRelaxingEnd   7 years ago

Continuing where I left with Dims3535 five months ago (wave 90 WR) - this time with my high round zombies partner ChristianR87. I wanted to try finding as fast strategy as possbile like usual and the one we tried first turned out to be the best. Our target was wave 100 and then suicide but since juggernaut waves were going by so fast we decided to continue some waves further. We were going to suicide after wave 130 but ironically got killed before that. Previous World Records on Resistance (Xbox360) were set by aSg DimS & GI3 GFGx (wave 125) and La Novocaine w/ his partner (wave 126).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 survival wave 100 + gameplay and high wave strategy for Resistance.

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So i beat the first guy then he invites his player on his FL and i beat him too. i felt good after beating them both make me feel better and give me a like please :)

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