MW3 Resistance wave 130 World Record Survival Mode - TheRelaxingEnd & ChristianR87

author TheRelaxingEnd   6 years ago

Continuing where I left with Dims3535 five months ago (wave 90 WR) - this time with my high round zombies partner ChristianR87. I wanted to try finding as fast strategy as possbile like usual and the one we tried first turned out to be the best. Our target was wave 100 and then suicide but since juggernaut waves were going by so fast we decided to continue some waves further. We were going to suicide after wave 130 but ironically got killed before that. Previous World Records on Resistance (Xbox360) were set by aSg DimS & GI3 GFGx (wave 125) and La Novocaine w/ his partner (wave 126).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 survival wave 100 + gameplay and high wave strategy for Resistance.

Final mission of GTA San Andreas. CJ confronts Big Smoke and Tenpenny, but to get to them he has to deal with a bunch of Ballas, Vagos and some Grove Street Families traitors. Platform: PC Created with: Vegas Pro 14 & Bandicam No cheats or mods used except Silent's patch and the fixed vehicles pack. 100% walkthrough playlist:

::I did not make any of these clips i simply looked around for the best MW2 Kills and put together this collection:: These are the Best kills in MW2 History in my opinion. I believe there are better kills out there but it is nearly impossible to view every Mw2 clip on the internet so these are the best ones i found. Number 1 in my opinion is the best kill though. SBM Gaming Sarvaia Brawn to kill master of war prior tankenator

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Modern Warfare 3 Carbon wave 153 Survival Mode ex- World Record: Our first and only wave 200 attempt (played between 9/8/2012 and 9/9/2012). Here are some of the close calls we had during 13h37min that the game lasted. Also the last waves now in higher quality. Songs from Modern Warfare 3 soundtrack: Hamburg Invasion and Main Theme. Kills: 1910 - 1708 (Me - Teammate) Headshots: 166 - 155 Accuracy: 62% - 50 % Revived Teammate: 35 -26 Credits Earned: 2032649 - 1916234 Time: 13:37:13.9 Score: 225999 I was partly ill during this game and couldn't eat anything - only drink. Very surprised and happy that we got this after all the close calls in the earlier waves. Christian is an amazing teammate and I don't know if I could've done this with anyone else. What's even more impressive is that he plays survival only about 2 games in a month! Special thanks to him and to all of you who watched this and have given support (and other feedback) now and before! This is my highest co-op round ever in any type of survival game. Full gameplay uploaded as a proof of our highest wave ever together. Without C4 Spawn kill. Peace, RelaxingEnd Livestream: Second channel:


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