Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) Gamechive (Gotham's Most Wanted: Gunrunner) [NS]

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"Gotham's Most Wanted: Gunrunner (New Story/Normal Mode)"—During the main story, Batman seeks out Penguin to interrogate him on Oracle's whereabouts. After finding a lead, he partners with Nightwing to take down Penguin's thugs, and destroys the first weapons cache. Afterward, the "Gunrunner" Most Wanted Mission becomes available, and Nightwing hunts down other cache locations in the city. As the main story progresses, he periodically updates Batman as they're found, and after tagging Penguin's delivery van with the Disruptor, and following it to each cache location, the duo work together to take them out. This segment features the entire mission (starting with the first weapons cache), including a mission failure scene shown at the end, and villain dialogue enroute to and inside GCDP Lockup (before and after Batman's unmasking).

"Gotham's ours for the taking. And I am going to take. I want it all." — Penguin

- 1st Cache Location (main story) [20%]:
- 2nd Cache Location: Sionis Industries (The Cauldron, Bleake Island, near GCPD) [40%]
- 3rd Cache Location: Grinring Fishmonger (Drescher, Miagani Island) [60%]
- 4th Cache Location: Gotham's Water Filtration Plant (Chinatown, Bleake Island) [80%]
- 5th (Final) Cache Location: Amertek Building (Otisburg, Founders' Island) [100%]

Case Synopsis:
- Find and destroy all of Penguin's weapon caches

Case Progress:
- Contact Nightwing for a Penguin truck location, and track it back to the weapons cache
- Awaiting Penguin weapons van location update from Nightwing
- Find a way into the Penguin weapons cache and destroy it
- Follow Nightwing's tracker to rescue him from Penguin
- Take Penguin to the GCPD Lockup
- Most Wanted case file closed

- Touch of Death (Apprehend the weapons dealer and lock him up in GCPD.)

11 WayneTech Upgrade Points are earned for completing the mission. The "Batman Inc." Batman skin and the standard Batmobile skin are utilized during this mission.

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