Paragon vive en vivo!

author Ham Ham Boni   1 weeks ago

Gideon game play with the most chill Kaimera I've played with. We needed to stop Wukong, but our Yin kept rotating and trying to be everywhere at the same time! If you liked this video PLEASE be sure to share and click the THUMBS UP button!! Also don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel to stay up to date on more great 15MOG game play videos!! It would also help me out if you could check out my Donor link as well in order to continue support for this channel: ( or or Venmo @ FTMOG BTC: 1J9E9tSribzpvjjqekMs6ny8UNP6vEnSAN BCH: 1N3PHzhQZHq7TaMt7yN6qfahVqc44v3CoA ETH: 0xa18653a38Abf58f74D76BB33e9B4945c4c60920C LTC: LXm1L7R4Anzj2iWzuPpfMnEzbxP6v8yAvF Any amount of contributions would help and be greatly appreciated any contributions made will go back into improving the channel and helping it grow! Thank You! SOCIAL Media Links: Twitter: @15MOGchannel Twitch: FREE download to Help my Channel!! Please use the Brave Browser it is free to use and will help my channel! (use this Link)

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Black op zOmBie fanatic

Desde o começo da era dos video-jogos que a procura por novas maneiras de cativar os jogadores existe. Aventura, FPSs, Plataforma, competições, há de tudo, mas uma nova maneira de competir em jogos de estratégia começou a surgir. MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena entra nos sistemas como um hype, e teve impacto imediato na comunidade. Pessoalmente ao inicio não via grande interesse, mas conforma vamos jogando e percebendo a mecanica do jogo, até se torna interessante, comunicar, planear e ganhar..... Vamos ver como me safo :) Jogo: Paragon Desenvolvido por: Epic Games Sistema: PS4 Follow on: Facebook:


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