Batman: Arkham Knight Repairing the Batmobile and Joker Scare

author L2Luridus   3 years ago

Batman: Arkham Knight. Batman repairs the Batmobile after the Cloudburst disables it. There is also a Joker jump scare similar to the Man-Bat Joker one.

My replay of Batman Arkham Knight using the Batman V Superman Bat-Suit continues, as Batfleck faces the Arkham Knight's Excavator machine in the tunnels beneath Gotham. Been enjoying paying Arkham Knight again in the build up to the release of the Return to Arkham Collection. SHAREfactory™!/en-gb/tid=CUSA00572_00

Batman Arkham Knight - Creature of the Night - Walkthrough 24 mission: Most wanted Creature of the Night. Investigate the Winged creature stalking the skies. Unlocks Scar of the Bat Trophy.

Batman Arkham Knight Johnny Charisma boss fight on hard mode in 4K. You can get the game from Amazon here: Core i7 4790k GTX Titan X 32GB Ram ✪ Subscribe!

Since the Arham Series comes to a close. I would try to upload all the Game Over lines of the Joker of all the Series


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