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Today I show my MATURITY by arguing with people on roblox royale high school. I roleplay as the most beautimous fairy in the world and then tell this GIRL whos tryna deflate my le swag that my dad did madededed roblox... im so upset

i have decided to create roblox-con albert edition and.... it didn't... go as planned.... my next vid will be me saying "sorry" for 30mins straight thanks.

PLAY IT HERE: wow... yeah really great game and all BUT THAT ONE SOUND EFFECT THAT IS FROM CLUB PENGUIN... MORE LIKE GLUB PENGUIN... this is by far the most beautiful game in roblox but how am i gonna find love????

dont do it roblox man! please! today I play cursed islands and man how did man that get past the roblox filter man that's crazy we're getting crazy wow! roblox cursed islands is fun though

In today's Roblox video we go to a Guess My Drawing game and things get weird when Jake and I get on the drawing board.

today we play many Sonic games then this guy dressed as tails decides he wants to date another tails which is like literally a rat so... yeah...


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