DIRECTO RESUBIDO - DARK SOULS 3 - El árbol de amor (1 hora contra el mismo Boss)

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A step-by-step guide on making a fully upgraded +15 weapon without killing ANY boss in Dark Souls 1. By combining various glitches and skip, you can get all the upgrade materials & embers needed to make a +15 weapon without killing any of the bosses in this game. Discord : Paypal : Patreon : Guide on various Skips Capra Demon Skip : Sen's Skip : Music Used MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420 現代のコンピュー PowerWolf - Sanctus Dominus SpongeBob Trap Remix Krusty Krab Apollo 440 - Can't Stop The Rock Snoop Dogg Smoke weed every day (dubstep remix) Indiana Jones Theme Song Distorted [60 FPS] Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater (FULL Song Acapella) WAKE ME UP INSIDE Instrumental Core - Dance at the Moonlight wuT...? still here...? :

I recently began a coop playthrough with subs on my newly acquired ps4 pro. a lot of funny moments and invasions occured. these are the highlights! ►Instagram ►Join the ChaseTheBro Discord: ► Follow me on Twitch: ►Patreon: ►Twitter

Smough & Super Ornstein at Soul Level 1 with Fist Weapons Only. Naked and Melee only, so no pyromancy or shield are allowed. No Target Lock On. No Healing/No Damage run. A Christmas present for a fellow Brit and one of my favourite Let's Players, Kazamieras. Inspired by his boxer challenge series and the difficulties encountered I thought he might enjoy seeing Smores and Oreos being taken out by my new sl1 character, Knuckles! I might take this character further through the game if there's any demand for it. Smough and Ornstein are probably the hardest milestone for a fists only character anyway. Apologies for the video skipping ever so slightly a couple of times, my Roxio Capture Device is a sensitive soul and overheats whenever it chooses to cause me as much grief as possible. Speaking of grief I was forced to use the Lightning Caestus +4 because my Stray Demon glitched and did not drop a sodding Titanite Slab. Go and subscribe to Kazamieras' Channel: Like, Comment and Subscribe if you enjoyed and would like to see more! Somethodox

Duo acrobatic "Art Way" Choreography by: Ekateryna Kalyta Filmed by: Constantine Van Horne Make up: Fedorova Euvgeniya Music by: The HARDKISS Stones Contact us: ● ● Phone +380950869932; +380631752383.

Guía con la localización de todos los gestos de Dark Souls 3. Estos gestos sirven para conseguir el trofeo "maestro de la expresión". Hay 33 gestos en total y empezamos con 7 por lo que tenemos que conseguir 26 gestos para el trofeo. Los gestos están ordenados como en el juego, incluyendo los que tenemos desde el principio para que podáis verlo fácilmente en vuestro juego. [0:00] Introducción 1 - Apuntar hacia delante (Empezamos con este gesto) 2 - Apuntar arriba (Empezamos con este gesto) 3 - Apuntar abajo (Empezamos con este gesto) 4 - Saludo (Empezamos con este gesto) 5 - [0:27] Hacer señas ("Llamar" en versión latina) 6 - [1:01] Llamar ("Invitar" en versión latina) 7 - [1:22] Bienvenida 8 - [1:36] Aplauso 9 - [1:57] Determinación silenciosa 10 - Saltar de alegría (Empezamos con este gesto) 11 - Alegría (Empezamos con este gesto) 12 - [2:22] Alegrarse 13 - [2:39] ¡Hurra! 14 - [2:52] Alabar al Sol 15 - [3:10] ¡Gracias! 16 - Hacer reverencia (Empezamos con este gesto) 17 - [3:58] Reverencia 18 - [6:01] Reverencia digna 19 - [6:18] Duelo 20 - [7:02] Etiqueta de la Legión 21 - [7:25] Lealtad Luna Oscura 22 - [7:49] Por mi espada 23 - [8:29] Oración 24 - [8:46] Aliado silencioso 25 - [9:30] Descansar 26 - [9:38] Derrumbarse 27 - [9:50] En cuclillas 28 - [10:24] Postración 29 - [11:18] Brindar 30 - [11:40] Dormir 31 - [12:05] Acurrucarse 32 - [12:28] Estirar 33 - [12:40] Camino del dragón [12:58] Final ►Suscríbete :) ►Twitter ►Facebook ►Google+ Listas de reproducción: ►Dark Souls 3 ►Bloodborne Historia (Lore) ►Dark Souls 3 Guías ►Dark Souls 3 PvP ►Bloodborne Guias ►Y más


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