Pete the Cat's Got Class. By James Dean. Read to you by Granny B.

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Pete the Cat's Got Class. Written and illustrated by James Dean.
Read to you by Granny B.
Pete the cat goes to school.
His friend Tom, has a hard time with math.
Pete wants to help and finds a great way to teach Tom
The teacher doesn't believe them at first, but they convince him.
Pete the cat uses cars to teach Tom math, and it works.
Granny B. is proud to read this wonderful book to you.
The illustrations are awesome, the text is easy to read.

A Read Out Loud Book: Pete the cat's got class by James Dean

The Berenstains Bears and the BULLY! By Stan and Jan Berenstain. Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister are trying to help Sister who has been bullied. Baby Sister comes home crying. She has bullied by Tuffy, what seems t be a little mean girl. What happens? Listen to Granny B. and see how this story ends.

Japanese Playdough set from KC's House, Okinawa, Japan. KC's House is a one of a kind YouTube channel. They post very original videos about life and toys in Japan. KC's House send me a big box with Japanese toys. I already made two videos with these wonderful typical Japanese toys. In the box was also this box with Japanese playdough. Of course I couldn't read a letter of the text, but it wasn't hard to figure out what to do. In this video I made several cute animals and put them in the lunchbox. It looked so cool! The Japanese play dough was stickier than the American Play-Doh. It didn't have a smell and it was very easy to use. Thanks again KC's House. Granny B. really enjoyed this awesome box full with Japanese toys!

Read Aloud

Can you find all the 10 animals on this beach? A vacation puzzle. It is beach time and it is hot , animals are hiding for the heat. Can you find all the animals on this beach? There are 10 hidden in this picture! Granny B. wishes you all a wonderful time on this beach. I hope you can find them all.


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