FNAF plush War - Call of Duty Black Ops

author Mario Muffet Adventures   2 years ago

War!!! Golden Freddy, Springtrap, Nigthmare Freddy, and Bonnie are the Black Ops. They must get behind enemy lines and secure a safe path for the rest of the army.

Foxy and the others turn into Zombies. Now Freddy and Nightmare Foxy must fight to survive.

FNAF Plush War- Black Ops 3. Golden Freddy leads the Black Ops into a secret base to disarm the giant bomb Boom Boom Bob.

FNAF Plush Movie: Jaws. Foxy, Springtrap, Bendy, and Mario, are hunting down a giant Shark. One person has been eaten already... Can the group of Shark hunters take down the monster? Or will they be dragged into its Jaws?

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